A New Chapter


Happy New Year everyone! Have you started the year feeling full of energy or procrastination? I had a week off of work and have come back eager to get writing. I battle depression which began when my child was unwell for so many years (she’s fine now), so I have to rest when my mind gets a bit hectic, to keep myself balanced and full of mischief! I think this is also why I write uplifting books – in the hope of bringing some sunshine into other people’s lives too. I have a huge list of work to be done in a short timescale and this does overwhelm me sometimes, so I use social media planners and lists to keep myself focussed, so that I can visually see what needs to be done. I also break tasks down into more manageable jobs and find them quicker to complete.

Adding lists of most to least important, or using colour marker pens to define things, helps me see clearly which tasks need completing straight away and which aren’t so important.

Writing always lifts my energy as it’s a lot of fun and speaking to other creatives regularly online also keeps me full of smiles. In the next few weeks I need to finish first edits of a manuscript, start writing the second novel in the series and update all of my social media, newsletters and blog posts. To make sure this doesn’t overwhelm, I fill each job with as much excitement as I can by being creative and thinking of what might make my audience smile. Luckily I love chatting to readers and writers, I enjoy graphic design and am obsessed by writing, so that helps balance the work flow!

Wishing you all an incredible 2021. Stay safe and well and fill those days with creativity and smiles.

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10 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. I love this post, Lizzie! It’s so important to find activities that help us cope with day to day life. Writing is that for me too. And your time management process is a great one. I can see why thats a helpful way of properly getting to dos done. Happy 2021 to you!! ❤ Wishing you a beautiful, blessed year!

  2. What a wonderful creative way to fight depression, Lizzie! I love the Dolly Parton quote. My mom used to say, “without the rain, there wouldn’t be flowers.” I wish you a great 2021!

  3. Happy New Year, Lizzie:) Your books do uplift the spirit thank you. Great plan in place for dealing with depression and inspiring others.

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