Prize Winners

It’s exciting to announce that my prize giveaway was won by newsletter subscriber Heather and social media follower, Tammy.  Congratulations ladies! You have both won a signed copy of my latest book, The little ice cream shop by the sea, a colourful set of ice cream bowls and spoons and a set of around fifty little ice cream craft charms.

I have never run a newsletter giveaway before and was amazed by the response.  My subscribers didn’t have to do anything other than to reply to the email to say they would like to be included in the competition. It’s a lovely way for me to be able to say thank you to my subscribers for signing up for my latest news and i’ll probably run more competitions just for my subscribers, with each launch. I will also offer some other bookish prizes in between.

I’m also going to be starting my Author Of The Week blog posts again and share Marketing Tips on some Mondays to help fellow creatives find a wider audience. This won’t just be for writers, but for anyone in a creative industry, so I hope it’s helpful. I’ve been asked to run more networking seminars and to write networking articles, details of which will appear on my blog later in the year, in case you’d like to attend the seminars.

Have a brilliant day everyone. From Lizzie.

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