The Case Of The Disappearing Chocolate Eggs.

Happy new week everyone. How are you?  This week I’ve been working on blog posts for my upcoming book release on the 6th May, for my romance novel, Shh… IT’s Our Secret. This book is about random acts of kindness, the family we choose  – not the one we are born with, and pushing down preconceptions and barriers, especially ones we set for ourselves.

The book also has two very zany pensioners called Doris and Esme, who decide that they will become Violet’s unofficial bodyguards, when her secret is discovered and the whole world wants to know who she is.

Over Easter,  the chocolate eggs that I’d bought and hidden were discovered by my husband and scoffed before the weekend! I had to find a better hiding place for the second batch. Lol:) My writing studio is due for a big tidy up, so I’ll probably discover chocolate there too, as I hide it in my files sometimes to nibble on while I’m working and then forget it’s there!

I love seeing Daffodils poke their head above ground this time of year and it’s hard not to smile when you see them. I hope this week is fun and creative for you all and that we have some warmer weather soon. From Lizzie.

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