Ben Trebilcook. Top Author of the week!

This week’s TOP AUTHOR is a talented writer and  a friend who has an exciting  career! Ben Trebilcook is a screenwriter and producer.

Hello. I’m Ben Trebilcook. I’m an author, screenwriter and producer based in Southend-on-Sea. I grew up in southeast London and Kent. My mum was a district nurse and dad served in the City of London Police and intelligence services. As well as my folks, we have close friends and family in similar roles around the world, so it seemed natural for me to centre my writing amongst it all.

When I was young I wrote and acted in sketches and short films, which progressed to writing features. One launch pad had me writing a first draft of Mission: Impossible 3 for Tom Cruise back in 2001 based on an original screenplay of mine. I predominantly write action thrillers, having written an acclaimed Die Hard six script, based on a my novel Old Habits and a female driven spy movie called Daisy Scarlett, which I am producing with my friend, producing legend Mario Kassar, (Basic Instinct, Total Recall, First Blood, Terminator 2).


I balanced my writing by teaching and counseling disadvantaged children, deemed the most challenging in south London. I did this for twenty years in Greenwich. My first novel, the thriller ‘My name is not Jacob Ramsay’, focused on this and a particular time when I was there. From girl soldiers hailing from Somalia to young boys fleeing Afghanistan travelling for a year in lorries through country after country to the most hardened gang members in south London, I’ve taught hundreds upon hundreds.

So far I have written four novels. Book world is very different to film world and I am still finding my way. My books are available through me directly or via Amazon and Kobo. I’m a single father to my four year-old boy Finn and probably should be writing books for him!



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