Pen To Print. Seminar For Writers.

Hello everyone. It’s exciting and nerve wracking that the seminar I’m hosting tomorrow (22/06/21) for Pen to Print, which is sponsored by The Arts Council England, is now fully booked.  I’ve been hosting seminars for a while now, but it’s not my natural environment at all. I love sharing any knowledge with other creatives about how to find a wider audience and this is a wonderful way to reach out to people and chat about ideas. If you are booked onto the seminar, see you there!

Pen to print are running a whole host of bookish events over the summer and into next year, so you can find out more here.

Pen to Print provides a safe, collaborative environment that attracts and supports a network of diverse writers and genres. By learning to develop their authentic voices, aspiring writers are encouraged to reach communities with their stories reflecting not just their own journeys but also inspiring potential in others.
Our birthplace in Libraries has taught us that the best results for a diverse and relevant service can be achieved by being the welcoming heart of a community, allowing all to learn, discover, create, and connect. Pen to Print has translated this ethos into a relevant library service for writers which, irrespective of their background or circumstances works towards creating a shared storytelling experience accessible to different markets and communities.
Don’t forget to pop by ReadFest in September,
for an action packed showcase of events!


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