Lorraine Turnbull. Top Author of the Week.

This week’s top author, is a member of my book group on Facebook, Lizzie’s Book Group. Lorraine is a lovely lady and a very talented writer, so I’ll leave it to her to introduce herself and tell you more about her wonderful book.

Lorraine Turnbull:

I wanted to be a farmer since I was five years old. After running a successful gardening business in Glasgow I uprooted myself and my family and moved to a run-down farmworkers bungalow in Cornwall. I retrained and taught horticulture & land-based subjects whilst running a one acre smallholding. After working for The Rural Business School, I began commercial cider making in 2011 and in 2014 was recognised for my contribution to sustainable living by winning the Cornwall Sustainability Awards Best Individual category.

Lorraine has written occasional magazine articles and her first book was published in 2019. She relocated to France in 2017, where she lives self sustainably and hopes to shortly move to a watermill. She now has five books published and is working on the sixth.

She loves sheep, starry night photography and the countryside.

Blurb of Mum’s the Word – When Ann-Marie Ross murders her abusive husband and feeds him to the pigs, she thinks she’s got away with murder and secured the future of her Scottish cider farm. But she soon finds herself having to keep more than one deadly secret to protect those closest to her.

      As four women embrace their new-found independence, Ann-Marie is tormented by the threat of discovery.
A darkly comic tale of murder, friendship and Love.

Link to the book:    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mums-Word-Lorraine-Turnbull-ebook/dp/B093C6YXJH


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2 thoughts on “Lorraine Turnbull. Top Author of the Week.

  1. What a fascinating life you are leading, I wish you well. Lol I have often wondere3d how many people have been murdered and fed to pigs. I gather pigs will eat anything and if you lay down in the sty you are in danger of being eaten. I adore cider, the only ‘drink’ we could afford in the 1960s. Good luck and congrats. I really enjoyed your piece.

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