Meet Kate Braithwaite. This week’s Top Author.

Today’s guest  and my Top Author Of The Week, is a brilliant writer whose work I’m a fan of, Kate Braithwaite! Kate writes beautiful and compelling books and as soon as you start reading, you won’t want to stop.

From Kate:

I’m a writer because I’m a reader. I love reading novels and so I’m always striving to write the best book I can— something gripping, with compelling characters facing challenges. Because I’m a history nerd, I like to start with a real story from the past, something that I’d love to read a novel about myself.

            I’d always dreamed of writing my own books, but it wasn’t until I had my third child that I realised that it was time to stop procrastinating and find out if I really had what it took. I won’t lie… it was harder than I thought. My first attempt was all over the place, but some great writing books, a course at Toronto University, and a lot of drafting and re-drafting, really helped me learn the craft. I’m the author now of three novels, the most recent one, The Girl Puzzle, is about a trailblazing journalist who got herself admitted to a madhouse as a patient in order to report on conditions from the inside and win a job at Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World newspaper. Nellie Bly had fascinated me for years and it’s a real honour to be able to bring her story to a wide audience of readers.

            Right now I’m working on a novel based on a real-life scandal involving two sisters in Virginia. It’s set in late 18th, early 19th centuries, and there’s a high-profile trial, an accusation of murder, a secret love affair, and a whole lot of lying going on. I can’t wait to get it finished and find out what readers think of these two women and what happened to them.

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