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This week’s guest author is Julie Newman. Some of the reviews of Julie’s latest book really make you want to grab it from the bookshelf and start reading. If you enjoy captivating and well written stories, then Julie’s work will keep you turning page after page to find out more. Julie is an inspiration and began her writing career at the age of 59. Her memoir, No One Comes Close, is a true story of how one woman, unhappy in her marriage, set out to find her first love and the consequences it incurred.

Here are some reviews of Julie’s work:

‘Her emotive writing kept me thinking and feeling every step of the way.’

‘A gripping story about a woman compelled to change everything for another chance at a lost love. Great characters and period detail. I recommend it.’

‘I think we all sometimes wonder what would happen if we revisited our romantic past. This is a great book.’


Thank you very much for inviting me Lizzie. I’m a late-starter when it comes to creative writing. In 2008 aged 59, I moved to Cornwall where I took my first creative writing course.  I was immediately hooked. More courses followed. I joined several writers’ groups and soaked it all up like a sponge. I have written numerous short stories and articles, some of which have been published in magazines, but my biggest dream was to send my stranger-than-fiction story, No One Comes Close, out into the world. My favourite quote: No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.


J.A. Newman was born in Kent into a busy, artistic family. He father was a commercial artist in London’s West End and painted in his spare time while her mother and grandmother took in paying guests.  At primary school she was repeatedly told off for daydreaming in class and at senior school she filled her rough note books with comic strip stories. Wanting a creative career she went into hairdressing which took her to South East London and later to Cambridgeshire. In 2008 she retired to Cornwall with her second husband where she found inspiration for her writing.

J.A. Newman has kept a diary for most of her life; 1966 and 1987 being the inspiration for her memoir No One Comes Close, an emotional roller-coaster romance published in 2017. Her second publication Where There’s a Will, published a year later, is a light-hearted tale of rags to riches set in South East London and the Yorkshire Dales. Her latest novel, Bay of Secrets, is a mystery with a dash of the paranormal, a slice of romance and a sprinkling of nostalgia set in her favourite part of Cornwall.

She is currently working on a sequel to Where There’s a Will and researching the English Civil War with the intention of writing a historical novel set in that period.


You can reach her on:




Website: julieannnewman.wordpress.com

Amazon.co.uk : No One Comes Close

Have you ever dreamed of finding a long lost love? Well, Julie didn’t just dream, she did it. This is her story.

Her other two publications:

Where There’s a Will: Amazon.co.uk: J A Newman: 9781723137921: Books

Bay of Secrets: Amazon.co.uk: J A Newman: 9798617263376: Books


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3 thoughts on “J. A. Newman. This week’s Top Author!

  1. I will definitely want to read this book. It took the “second time around” for me to meet my true love. I am now following her blog. Thank you for introducing her, Lizzie.

  2. Great to see Julie here. I really enjoyed No One Comes Close, we both kept diaries in our youth and you can really get inside her head in her novel because of the attention to detail. I loved it. Congrats and much more success Julie. Lizzie, thanks for hosting her. Recommend her writing. Tweeted. xx

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