Chris Hall. This week’s guest author!

This week’s Top Author Of The Week, is talented writer, Chris Hall!

Chris describes herself as a compulsive story-teller, cat slave and hen keeper. So far she has released four novels and a small collection of short stories. She writes beautiful multi-genre short fiction and poetry on her website.

Chris has also written under the pen name, Holly Atkins.

From Chris:

A little bit about me

I’m a happy genre-hopping indie author and to date I’ve published four novels and a tiny collection of short stories. At the moment I’m working on a fifth novel, the sequel to ‘Song of the Sea Goddess’.

Basically, I love writing in all its forms. I’m a proud member of the blogger community: reading, writing and sharing with fantastic people all over the world.

Reading is another passion of mine. As an author, I understand the importance of receiving reviews, so I’m a dedicated reviewer too.

Originally from Liverpool in the UK, I now live near Cape Town, South Africa with my artist husband and a very demanding cat called Luna.

Blurb for Song of the Sea Goddess

Sam thinks his problems are over when finds his fishing bucket filled with gold coins. There’s a problem though. The gold burns the fingers of anyone who touches it. His unlikely find coincides with the appearance of a mythical sea creature on the headland overlooking the town and the resumption of quarrying up in the mountains that is poisoning the streams and contaminating the town’s water supply.

Determined to keep his coins hidden, Sam goes up-river to bury them. Here he encounters a beguiling young woman called Shasa, who lives by one of the tainted springs and just happens to have a fish’s tail.

As the blasting continues, the discovery of a series of recently-made drawings in the cave under the headland reveals the terrifying prophesy of an impending natural disaster. Fearing for Shasa’s safety, Sam sets out find her again, only to meet the danger head on, as nature takes its revenge for the damage being wrought by humankind.

Will Sam and Shasa survive?

Set in a fictional location on the West Coast of South Africa, the author skillfully blends the charm of small town life with the threat of ecological disaster at the hands of a powerful force beyond human understanding.


Recent reviews:

‘I enjoyed this entertaining and imaginative read and recommend it to lovers of fantasy and a good humorous story. Chris Hall certainly has a talent for creating flavourful characters.’


‘This whimsical and magical read is set in South Africa and follows a handful of delightful characters as they deal with some strange happenings.’


Links to Song of the Sea Goddess:

Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook – listen to a sample here
Order on Amazon: USA ~ UK ~ IND ~ AUS ~ CAN ~ ESP ~ Rest of the World
Download from Kobo: ebook ~ audiobook

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16 thoughts on “Chris Hall. This week’s guest author!

  1. HI Lizzie, it is great to see Chris Hall featured here. I have read and loved Song of the Sea Goddess and have two of Chris’ other books on my kindle. I didn’t know her husband is an artist. What fun. I am the writer and the artist in my house.

    • Thanks, Stevie – and I must read some more of yours! I like both places in different ways. Liverpool has certainly smartened up since we left, but Cape Town has much better weather… and beaches… and vineyards… and there’s so much more of this wonderful country to explore!

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