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I’m happy to welcome author A.M. Obst to my blog today!

From Andrew: “I write what is known as ‘High Fantasy’, in that the stories are set in a world I made up. But that doesn’t mean you’ll encounter dragons, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and the like in my books. I also don’t have many swordfights or battle scenes either. There are plenty of other authors who tell those stories and tell them well.

My stories are focussed on fairly ordinary human characters dealing with extraordinary challenges that fate throws at them. In their world, the existence of magic has meant that technological development lags behind our own, while societal development has been faster, resulting in some world views we would recognise as modern.

My first book, The Hungry Fire, is out now. I’m working on Book 2 of the planned trilogy and hope to have it released late this year or early 2022. I also have an outline and a few chapters drafted for Book 3.

I hope you enjoy my work.”

Recent reviews:

‘Good Plot & Strong Characters.’

‘This is a well written novel with a great fantasy story and characters.

Recommended read for fantasy fans.’


Book blurb:

They’re surrounded by immense magical powers. How can they survive when they only have wits and desperation as weapons?

Betharad, Sarnd and Jessa are doing their best to step out from the shadow cast by their hero parents. But they are thrown into a desperate battle for survival by the return of the sorcerer their parents died to defeat.

The siblings search for clues in their parents’ tragic battle, only to uncover shocking secrets behind the official story. Reeling from the discovery and lacking magical powers of their own, as their enemy meddles with chaotic forces, death seems inevitable.

Can three ordinary people outwit a fiend whose ruthless ambitions could send their world to its doom?

The Hungry Fire is the gripping first book in the Serpentstone epic fantasy series. If you like underdog champions, earth-shattering magic, and high-stakes action, then you’ll love A.M. Obst’s riveting tale.

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Author bio:

A.M. Obst is an Australian living in the UK. He’s been writing and making up stuff about places that don’t exist for a very long time, but has only recently had the opportunity to turn it into a career.

His mother was a school teacher with an interest in teaching children how to read, and she introduced him to J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis at an early age. When you add in an active imagination, a fascination with maps, and an appreciation of beautiful calligraphy, it was probably inevitable that he’d end up writing fantasy.

He enjoys reading (and writing) stories with thoughtful world-building, a diversity of characters with agency, and exciting plots with satisfying endings.

Outside of high fantasy, he’s been known to read science fiction, urban fantasy, dystopian fiction, crime, historical fiction and literary fiction.


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