The woman who felt invisible.

Hello everyone. How are you? I’d usually be posting and promoting another author on a Thursday, but last night I decided on the date for my next book launch. It’s the 23rd November 2021. I had a chat with a few friends last night and decided on the date. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants, kind of gal! That now means that I’m frantically trying to find blog hosts, as I haven’t left time to book a blog tour and to plan a launch day.

The weird thing is that I decided last night on the date and had kept one blog post free on a Thursday for the whole year… this one! Which means I’m able to post about it today. Thinking about it though, it would have been smarter to have kept a blog space nearer my actual launch date! Lol:)

Back to my new book. It’s called The woman who felt invisible and is about a 41 year old computer expert who is working in a pen cupboard as the stationery supervisor for an IT company and looking after two internet famous delinquent dogs. Her father has recently passed away and she’s lost her way after being fired from two consecutive jobs. The story is about her grabbing back her self-confidence, jumping headfirst into a new love and finding an exciting best friend, who changes her life forever.

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8 thoughts on “The woman who felt invisible.

  1. Good luck with the launch! The concept reminds me a little of The Nothing Girl by Jodi Taylor, which I really enjoyed. I’ve added The Woman Who Felt Invisible to my tbr list. Wishing you excellent sales and excellent reviews 🙂

    • Thanks Sian. I haven’t read that book, but it sounds fascinating! Thanks for adding my book to your TBR list. X

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