Valentine’s gift for you.

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all well? I’ve been updating my website and social media branding and working on the sequel to my book, The little ice cream shop by the sea. I’ve written around forty thousand word so far, but there still seems to be so much more to write! This can be the point where procrastination sets in for me, but as i’m excited about the storyline and revisiting old characters as well as new, it’s keeping me motivated to finish the book.  I also have another book which is almost completed, so i’m trying to decide the best time to publish. I do have a traditional publisher, but often choose to self-publish. This is because I can decide on my own publishing schedule and work around family commitments. It also means I do the majority of my own marketing, which can be exhausting, but i’m lucky that its’ something that I enjoy. I have a graphic design and advertising background, which helps me immensely, but it still takes a lot of work.

I have just made some Twitter book graphics for another author, as I make these designs for a small fee and I find it good to change up my work flow from time to time. I had my own retails shops for over fifteen years, so i’m also tinkering with the idea of designing some beautiful bookish accessories to add to my author website.

As it’s Valentine’s week, I’ve made one of my romance books, free for few days. My newsletter subscribers will already know this and will have hopefully downloaded their copies, but I’d love for you to have an ebook too.  Download Ninja School Mum here:

Reviews of Ninja School Mum:

‘Loved this book, very romantic and a beautiful story. Great characters, always love Lizzie Chantree books such a great read!!’

‘This is the third Chantree book I have read and I marvel at how she can take an ‘ordinary’ situation, in this case picking children up from school, and allow it to evolve into something so intriguing, so absorbing.’

‘This was a light-hearted, amusing and entertaining book. The opening chapters were particularly engaging and I was quickly hooked into the story. The main characters were empathetic and likeable; who doesn’t love a kickass heroine! ‘

Have an amazing week everyone. From Lizzie. x



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