Girl power!

Hi everyone.  How are you all? I spent yesterday with my daughter and we built my new outdoor writing space at home. It was almost as expensive to have built as it was to buy it, so we decided that we could do it ourselves! Lol:)

We spent six hours making the gazebo, which arrived in what seemed like a thousand different pieces. The sense of achievement when it was built, was immense. I haven’t laughed so much for ages and even the dog kept bringing the ball because we were laughing and she thought this meant playtime. We were so determined not to let it beat us, but we did put one roof and two side panels on back to front at one time. We were not amused at that point.

I now have a beautiful place to sit and read or write when i’m at home, regardless of the rain. We keep walking outside to look at it, because we’ve never built anything ourselves before. Who knew that spending six hours outside in the rain, building a place to sit and contemplate, would be so challenging but full of fun? Not me!

I’m now back at my desk and preparing to host a seminar about book launches and book marketing, at Chelmsford library on the 11th June. Hopefully the sun will come out later and I can spend the late afternoon with a glass of wine and a view of the garden from my gazebo.

Have a beautiful week.  From Lizzie. x
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6 thoughts on “Girl power!

    • Thanks Jan. It was brilliant fun, although I did have to listen to my daughter’s playlist for quite a few hours! Lol:)

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