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Caz Greenham. Lizzie Chantree. Author interview

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Essex 2020. Authors At…

A little book problem. Author interview.

Pen to print website. Author interview.

Porridge and cream reads by Sandra Danby. Author interview.

Welcome to author Lizzie Chantree. By Mary Wood – Maggie Mason – Molly Kent. Blog post.

Indie showcase presents. By Richard Dee. Blog post.

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Echo newspaper article

Lizzie Chantree latest interview by AllAuthor Lizzie Chantree wanted to have a creative career when she was a child. She really enjoyed writing and wrote lots of short stories. Her first job was in a design agency. She has been on television and radio and invited to the houses of Parliament. She works a lot of hours and tries to fit in as much writing as she can. Her author dream is to have all her books as bestsellers, which she is thrilled and amazed to say has happened so far.

AllAuthor Website 

Writing Magazine.


Writers’ Forum Magazine: 

Books by women. @WomenWriters article. Social media and networking tips for writers.

Essex Life Magazine. 

Essex Life article. Lizzie Chantree

Essex Life article. Lizzie Chantree.jpg

Author interview. AuthorsInterviews website: Link here.


Essex Life Magazine                Date: 01/03/18    Article size: 1 PG      Section: Book Club

The Yellow Advertiser            Date: 18/01/18    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: News

The Enquirer                             Date: 18/01/18      Article size: 1/2 PG    Section: News

BBC Essex                                   Date: 02/03/18    Time: 20 mins      Section: Tony Fisher

Now Magazine                           Date: 15/03/00    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: Fashion Flash

Womans Own Magazine         Date: 13/03/00    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: Consumer Page

Wickford/Billericay Echo      Date: 02/03/00    Article size: 1/2 PG    Section: Run of good luck

Richard and Judy                     Date: 17/02/00    Time: 10 mins            Section: Female Inventors/Products

The Daily Mail                          Date: 17/02/00    Article size: 1/4 PG      Section: Tried and Tested. Runaway Spray given 9/10

The Sun                                      Date: 16/02/00    Article size: 1/8 PG      Section: Woman of the week/ Sun Woman

Sky Business News.                 Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins.               Section: New Product News

Meridian News                        Date: 14/02/00    Time: 8 mins each      Section: New Product News. AM+ PM

London Tonight                      Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins               Section: Lunchtime News

Sky News                                  Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins              Section: Invention of the Year

The BBC Essex                         Date: 14/02/00      Time: 8 mins             Section: Time to Talk

Radio Gloucestershire          Date: 14/02/00    Time: 10 mins            Section: News

Radio Leeds                             Date: 14/02/00    Time: 10 mins            Section: Daily News

BBC Worldwide Service       Date: 14/02/00    Time: 8 mins              Section: Daily News

Radio 5 Live                            Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins              Section: Breakfast News

The Guardian                          Date: 14/02/00    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: National News

The Mirror                              Date: 10/02/00    Article size: 3/4 PG    Section: Mothers of Invention

The Evening Echo                 Date: 09/02/00    Article size: 1 PG       Section: Business News

Pearson T.V. Open House with Gloria Hunniford

Date: 04/02/00    Time: 10 mins             Section: Female Inventors

Essex Radio                            Date: 02/02/00    Time: 5 mins              Section: Breakfast / Evening News. AM+PM

The Evening Echo                 Date: 02/02/00    Article size: 1/4 PG    Section: Front Cover

The Daily Mail                        Date: 20/01/00    Article size: 1 PG      Section: Femail Design







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