Media and blogs I have appeared on or in with my writing or inventions:

Echo Newspapers. October 2019.

Echo newspaper article


Writing Magazine. June 2019.


Author Mary Wood’s Blog. June 2019.

Article link:



Writers’ Forum Magazine: January 2019.


Essex Life Magazine. October 2018.


Essex Life article. Lizzie Chantree

March 2018.Essex Life article. Lizzie Chantree.jpg

Essex Life Magazine                Date: 01/03/18    Article size: 1 PG      Section: Book Club

The Yellow Advertiser            Date: 18/01/18    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: News

The Enquirer                             Date: 18/01/18      Article size: 1/2 PG    Section: News

BBC Essex                                   Date: 02/03/18    Time: 20 mins      Section: Tony Fisher

Now Magazine                           Date: 15/03/00    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: Fashion Flash

Womans Own Magazine         Date: 13/03/00    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: Consumer Page

Wickford/Billericay Echo      Date: 02/03/00    Article size: 1/2 PG    Section: Run of good luck

Richard and Judy                     Date: 17/02/00    Time: 10 mins            Section: Female Inventors/Products

The Daily Mail                          Date: 17/02/00    Article size: 1/4 PG      Section: Tried and Tested. Runaway Spray given 9/10

The Sun                                      Date: 16/02/00    Article size: 1/8 PG      Section: Woman of the week/ Sun Woman

Sky Business News.                 Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins.               Section: New Product News

Meridian News                        Date: 14/02/00    Time: 8 mins each      Section: New Product News. AM+ PM

London Tonight                      Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins               Section: Lunchtime News

Sky News                                  Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins              Section: Invention of the Year

The BBC Essex                         Date: 14/02/00      Time: 8 mins             Section: Time to Talk

Radio Gloucestershire          Date: 14/02/00    Time: 10 mins            Section: News

Radio Leeds                             Date: 14/02/00    Time: 10 mins            Section: Daily News

BBC Worldwide Service       Date: 14/02/00    Time: 8 mins              Section: Daily News

Radio 5 Live                            Date: 14/02/00    Time: 5 mins              Section: Breakfast News

The Guardian                          Date: 14/02/00    Article size: 1/8 PG    Section: National News

The Mirror                              Date: 10/02/00    Article size: 3/4 PG    Section: Mothers of Invention

The Evening Echo                 Date: 09/02/00    Article size: 1 PG       Section: Business News

Pearson T.V. Open House with Gloria Hunniford

Date: 04/02/00    Time: 10 mins             Section: Female Inventors

Essex Radio                            Date: 02/02/00    Time: 5 mins              Section: Breakfast / Evening News. AM+PM

The Evening Echo                 Date: 02/02/00    Article size: 1/4 PG    Section: Front Cover

The Daily Mail                        Date: 20/01/00    Article size: 1 PG      Section: Femail Design







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