Finding inspiration where you can.


I’ve been working towards finishing my latest novel recently and it is finally on it’s way to my editor. Completing a book is such a wonderful feeling, then ideas crowd into my mind for a new story and the whole process begins again!

I’ve been going on long walks recently, with my cousin. He’s had a triple stroke but it helps him to have a change of scenery and I am trying to get a bit fitter, so we stroll by the sea. We walk and chat, but often comment on the shoreline and the inspiration we feel from being near the water. Some days children are playing in the sand, but on others the beaches are empty apart from a solitary jogger or a warmly wrapped up dog walker.

These breaks from our routine inspire us both in different ways, not only from the time we spend together, but in the changing scenery and the people and wildlife around us. I often find myself happily pulling a chair up to my desk, full of fresh ideas and inspirations after staring at the ever changing sea and feeling the salty air invigorate me. It really has got to be the best way to start the day and a great prompt for creativity.

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