Introducing author Misha Elliott.


I would love to introduce you to the work of author Misha Elliott. Misha is part of a book club I belong to and this week we are supporting each others work. There are around 500-600 authors and readers in the group, so this is a wonderful opportunity to discover more about some fabulous writers.

About Misha Elliott:

Misha Elliott is a romance author who uses writing as a way to entertain, release, and educate. Her books have given her the opportunity to discuss and release emotions that run deep. She is a lover of life and reading. Once a northerner she now calls the sweet state of Alabama her home. Where she lives with her husband, two cats, and two dogs. When she isn’t at the beach reading a book with her toes in the sand, you can find her at book events wooing the readers.

Misha’s books: 


Flying Series

Learning to Fly

Typical isn’t the word you would use to describe Sophia Ann Marshall’s life. Is she the parent? The daughter? The caretaker? Or the one who ruined it all? Is there really a white knight that could come rescue her? Sophia’s not so sure anymore. When her mom’s latest breakup and firing causes them to move the summer before her senior year, Sophie is devastated. Until she meets star QB, Alexander Matthews. Alex is the beginning of all the firsts Sophie has been dreaming of. Moving has turned her life, and the life of her mom around to exactly where she wanted it to be. Everything is great but will the price of happiness be too high? Can she really give up her dream? Why is life always filled with choices? But he wants her to choose….Will she give him up to follow to dreams, or give up her dreams to follow him…

Come Fly With Me

If there were two lessons, Sophie learned from her mother they were: To run away when things got tough and if you didn’t talk about it, nothing happened.She has spent her life ignoring the issues she has with her mother, her absent boyfriend, and the unknown father. Sophie must confront these things, when a college class assignment makes her think about the path she has taken, and she discovers that you cannot love others when hate consumes you.

You have to forgive and love yourself first.



Leah Campbell and Asher Sky are two fractured souls.Each carry painful scars of a past they can’t make peace with. When an accident causes their paths to intertwine, they are given a chance to start over. Together they must find the one thing that is stronger than any fear ~ hope.

They need hope, without it they will remain broken.

This isn’t your typical love story of girl-meets-boy, love at first sight. It’s about healing, hope, and finding the ultimate strength that comes from within ~ pushing forward to become fearless.

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12 thoughts on “Introducing author Misha Elliott.

  1. Lizzie, this is a lovely post for Misha! I love her book covers and I definitely want to feast my eyes on her books. Have a great PIF week 🙂

  2. Oh boy – am I ready for some romance in my life just now! Looking forward to reading you soon, Misha! 😀
    Thanks for giving Misha a good boost today Lizzie 🙂

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