Breakfast meeting.


GeeseI’m fortunate enough to live near enough to the sea, to be able to drive to  it whenever I can. I often arrange breakfast meetings in a coffee shop by the water. Today there was a flock of friendly Geese enjoying the fact that the wind had blown a new layer of debris onto the beach and they were feasting in the shallow waters.

I’m sure I should have got more work done, but the view kept distracting me. Sitting at my desk and thinking of the scene now, characters are popping into my mind, from friendly dog walkers to a man mending a broken roof. Luckily I always take a notebook with me, so I scribble finer details of things I notice when I’m out. My children say my handwriting is appalling, but I can generally work out what I meant when I get home. Placing a book on the table when I’m drinking tea in a coffee shop, makes me feel like I’m doing some work, instead of what I’m actually doing, which is enjoying the view!

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