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Having written three novels, all of which are different stories, I have discovered that writing sequels for your original books is a great way to gain sales and find new readers.

It does make sense when you explore all of the options an author has to grow readerships and find people who love your work. By having a low price, or doing a promotion or sale for the first book in the series, you are enticing your readers to take a look at the next part of the story and purchase the subsequent book. Obviously the story does have to be good enough for the reader to want to finish the first book!

I have sequels planned for all of my books except Love’s Child, as this story was told in full. The only problem, is that I also have many other completely new stories that are jumping around inside my head and bursting to get out!

I have been asked many times for a sequel to Babe Driven and my latest novel could have two or three follow on stories about the family, as they are all a bit eccentric and fun to write about. Having more than one book available from one author does help in a similar way to a sequel, but I know from my own love of books that if I admire an authors writing flair and characters, I want to keep reading about them.

Typing this is making me think that I really should get on to writing a sequel, but my new story is about a group of feisty school mums and my pen is itching to start scribbling notes and begin a totally new story. Babe Driven’s sequel will be next!

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