Cover reveal: Finding Gina.

I’m excited to show you my new book cover design. I am in the process of getting the book ready for print and having the cover is a big step in finalising the process. It has taken a little while to pull the whole thing together and I’m hoping to have a book trailer in the near future too.

Finding Gina by Lizzie Chantree web

Marketing my other books is great fun, but takes a lot of energy, so fitting in the actual writing of any new work seems to be squeezed in between the school run, housework, running a business and training our adorable but completely disobedient dog!

Sitting and designing my latest book cover is something that makes my soul smile for many reasons. Firstly because I’ve managed to finish a piece of work amid the wonderful chaos of home life and secondly because the act of bringing the characters to life in illustration as well as the written word makes the story feel complete and I can treat myself to a cheeky glass of wine!

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