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Finding Gina. Free ebook:

Finding Gina. Free ebook:

Finding Gina. 
Can a sprinkling of stardust overcome a past full of demons?

Gina had traversed the breadth of the country in her little campervan to try and find everyone on her grandmother’s list, before her father drunk himself into an early grave. She lent down and pulled the battered and worn journal from her bag and opened it to the latest page. The neatly written names were etched onto her heart and she was determined to visit every single one and compensate them in some way. Her family’s debt had to be repaid.

Toby, heir to Bluebell Manor, couldn’t believe his luck when a flame haired beauty arrived at his door. Just when he thought all hope was lost! Looking for somewhere to stay for the night, Gina’s decision to turn left on a country lane, might have greater consequences than she could ever realise.

Lewis read another provincial story about a ‘guardian angel’ who had been helping families across the country and his reporter’s nose began to itch. He was sure that if he could track down the girl they were talking about, he would unearth an even bigger story. He just had to work out how to locate her and then find out what it was that she was running from!

Book reviews:

Format: Kindle Edition

A really great romance read. This book has humour and romance and kept me guessing the whole way through. Lizzie Chantree is fast becoming my new favourite author!
The main character Gina is running from her past, but discovers her future along the way. The other characters are just as interesting and I especially loved reading about Tom, the gorgeous baker who works at the tearoom and Lewis the intrepid reporter. The tearoom’s owner, Rachel is quite mean, but even she grew on me as the story progressed. She is quite a character! This would make a great holiday read and once I picked it up, I couldn’t put the book down until I had read the last page.

Format: Kindle Edition

Really love the story, thought the characters were well written. Read the story from cover to cover in one night – couldn’t put it down! Would recommend this book to anyone.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I read this authors last two books and although I usually read thrillers, I was recommended these books and have really enjoyed them!
This story is about a girl discovering more about her past, while someone else is trying to do that for her. She is travelling around the British countryside, finding people who have been conned by her grandmother, in order to repay them in some way. A journalist reads about a girl doing good deeds and sets off to find her.
I won’t say what she discovers about herself as this would ruin the story for other readers, but it was a riveting read from start to finish. The authors style of writing draws you in from the first page and she adds humour to the story which always makes me want to read more. A jolly good read!
Format: Kindle Edition

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I’ve read the other books written by this author and although they all follow a very different storyline and theme l thought they were really cleverly written so l was eager to read Finding Gina. I wasn’t disappointed! Would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys something lighthearted and enchanting.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Loved this mystical story about a girl called Gina who is trying to help people who have been hurt by her grandmother. This is a love story, but it’s also about someone coming to terms with their past. Gina misses her mum and her dad is a drunk, who meddles with her life until she is forced to move out. The story hints at magical abilities and leaves you wanting to read a sequel to find out how Gina develops her new found skills. The men in the book are pretty gorgeous and the writing is humorous and entertaining. I really enjoyed this sweet book and would recommend it to friends.

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