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Since I published my first book, I have really enjoyed the process of designing my book covers. Having a history in graphic design has been so beneficial, but it has been a learning curve about what typefaces work, how they can be read on book sites and what works for my own author brand or genre of writing.

The book cover for my first novel, Babe Driven looks like this:

Babe Driven cover web


I chose the colours because the story is set abroad and I wanted the cover to reflect holidays and women having fun. My main character Harriet runs a chauffeur business with gorgeous drivers in sports cars, so I added her image to the cover in a red car. She also has a uniform for her staff of black shirts with a hot pink trim, so this was incorporated too. Harriet is smiling, which I hope makes people want to discover what she is happy about! Her character is strong, but really likeable and I wanted her to seem friendly, but glamorous. Overall, I really enjoyed designing this cover and it does translate well at small sizes.

The book cover for my second novel, Love’s Child:


I wanted this book cover to have a strong graphics feel, so that it would stand well next to the cover of Babe Driven. I used the strong base colour of bright blue in the text and behind the buildings and the same hot pink for details. The main character in this book is a boxer, called David Love. He runs a warehouse where he supports local families from a troubled and run down area, to stay strong and unite as a community. The people at the warehouse have a secret and when the rest of the world try to find out what it is, David has to fight to keep them and their secret safe. The piercing eyes of the man on my book cover are quite fierce but draw you in at the same time. David will do anything to protect his community, but at what cost to his personal life? I was looking for an image that portrayed strength and would appeal to my readers.

The book cover for my third novel, Finding Gina:

Finding Gina by Lizzie Chantree

Once again I used the same underlying colours of a strong blue and pink to link the book covers, but added an accent colour of bright red as my main character Gina, has bewitching red hair. I wanted the book to have a swirling magical feel, as Finding Gina is a mystical romance novel. I also decided to include an image of a camper van, as this is how Gina travels around the country. Her family has a secret past and in the book, she races to unlock the mystery surrounding her family before a journalist uncovers it for her and destroys her life forever.



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  1. Nicely done, Lizzie. The covers do capture the feel of the stories as you’ve described them. I especially like Babe Driven which makes me think of a breezy, fun read!

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