Believe in yourself. Be you.

believe in yourself

I love this photo. It can be easy to doubt yourself as a writer, but learning to believe in yourself and be who you are, can help tremendously. Here are a few ideas to bring inner confidence.

Do something that you love.

If you can find small pockets of time during the week to do something that you love, this will bring more confidence, as you will feel happier on the inside.


Stop procrastinating.

Don’t keep putting off getting things done. Task left unfinished will just drag your mood down.


Put on a happy face.

Research has shown that smiling makes us feel happier, even if we don’t fully commit to it. Try smiling a few times during the day when you wouldn’t normally and see if it lifts your mood.


Celebrate your achievements.

Pat yourself on the back for even the smallest achievement. If you did something well, feel proud of what you have done.


Be kind to others.

This is something that makes everyone feel good. Kindness to others is not something everyone can achieve.


Getting active.

Moving your muscles every so often increases oxygen flow to the body and helps your mind to focus. You won’t have time to doubt yourself when you are on the move.


Throw away any negative thoughts.

You don’t need them. Bin them!


Be you 🙂 

Relaxing view


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18 thoughts on “Believe in yourself. Be you.

  1. I love this, Lizzie. I especially like “Stop Procrastinating”. Lately, I’ve been listing all tasks no matter the size. When I complete one, I cross it off. It feels so good to accomplish something. Maybe I should list chapters on a sheet of paper and cross them off as I write one. Might help me write more.

  2. Excellent post, Lizzie. I especially like “Throw away any negative thoughts” and I try to stay away from all negativity if I can. If I start reading a blog article or a post on Facebook or Twitter that’s negative, I will stop reading and leave if it’s a blog, and scroll on down if it’s on Facebook or Twitter post. I just don’t need it, you know. Thanks. 😀

    • Hi Kim. I’m the same. It’s great to celebrate the good things in life and to be there for others. Thanks for the reblog and for stopping by to show your support today!

  3. Amen to all that, Lizzie! 😎
    NOT being myself nearly killed me! I wrote a whole book out of it (along with several shorts and lots of poetry), but only with several years of internalised therapy beforehand…

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