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Lizzie Chantree Monday Marketing

Hello everyone. Today’s Monday Marketing and #3QuickTips is about Instagram. I have just discovered some hidden features that might be helpful to you all too, so I thought I’d show them here!

1.   You can share your pictures everywhere, not just the limited places offered on most accounts. Instagram has a number of built-in options to help you share your posts with a wider audience. On the final share screen, tap the grey slider next to the social media icons below and it will connect to your other social media accounts and seamlessly send out your posts there too.

Lizzie Chantree Monday marketing


2.  You can keep your original photos once they’ve been cropped. When Instagram posts a photo, it crops it. This is partly to stop others using your full resolution images. If you go to the top right hand button on your profile page, this sends you to your settings screen. Scroll down as before and slide tab to save original photos after posting, to ensure Instagram saves your original file on your phone as well.

3.  You can bookmark photos in collections to save for later. No one else can see the posts you have saved, but these can be useful for reference. To save any photo or video, tap once on the nearby bookmark icon. This is found in the bottom right hand corner below  photo posts, as shown in this picture of a delicious ice-cream. The icon looks like the tail end of a ribbon. Press and hold the icon to put the photo into a specific collection. To see your curated content, just pop to your profile page and tap the bookmark icon to open. 

Lizzie Chantree Instagram


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