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My sister has decided that I need to get fit for my book launch. She’s very conveniently forgotten that it’s a VIRTUAL launch online! Yesterday we met before the sun came out and ran for 3k. My sister, who is very fit and runs 10k easily and I, who is not fit and collapses on the floor gasping for water after 30 seconds, actually made it back after the 3K! Ok …I did walk for a lot of it, but I also ran some of it. My dog, Pepper, came with us and kept looking back at me in confusion as to why I was so slow, but I did it! 

My sister arrived for the run looking very sporty, whilst I arrived in a Beanie hat, a jumper, skirt and trainers with grass stains on them from a game of rounders I once had in a field many moons ago. I did manage to get a head start on the run whilst my sister fell about laughing though!

Happy Wednesday everyone. How did your day start today?




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13 thoughts on “Fit …a bit!

  1. I do not think I could even walk what you did.. Congrats! It is nice to have an exercise partner to give us a push:) I start my day on the elliptical in my Pj’s and with some music encouraging me.

    • Working out to music is wonderful isn’t it. My sister made me go on another run and I tried to talk to her, but I was so out of breath as she doubled the running time during the 3k, without telling me what she was doing. I think she’s secretly enjoying this!!!

  2. What a fun post, Lizzie. You definitely gave me a chuckle with that tale. And I applaud you for finishing the 3K regardless if you had to walk a portion of it (I would have had to walk the whole thing, LOL)

  3. Thanks Lucy 🙂 I have so much to do that I’ve decided that I am going to get fit and be more efficient. It is happening, but it’s a work in progress! I’m very excited about my launch as i’m gradually booking blogs in to participate and it’s all seeming more real. Have a great day!

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