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It’s exciting times here, as my latest novel is being published by Crooked Cat Books in Jan 2018 and it has just gone on pre-order. I have never had a book with pre-orders before, so it’s another learning curve for me. Seeing the book available makes me jump around the room, but I have had to send many responses to people who have not bought a book this way before and don’t realise that it still means the book is delivered on the release date, wirelessly for an ebook, or through the post for a paperback.

What has astounded me, is how nerve-racking it is to have a book on pre-order. The book still has Amazon rankings and you are on the edge of your seat to see if anyone likes the book blurb enough, to give a new story a try and then hopefully leave a review at the end for others to discover the book. I’ve said this before, but leaving a review for a book you’ve enjoyed is like handing an author a rainbow. Novels can take months or years to write and a few words of kindness in return can send authors dancing in the street and hugging strangers! Maybe that’s just me?

I’d love to hear how you all found having books up for pre-order. Was it great fun, or a whole heap of stress?

Here is the blurb for my new book Ninja School Mum. Let me know what you think. The story is about a single mum who has forgotten how strong she is, but she’s never come up against anything as tough as playground gossip at her son’s school and the hierarchy of the other school mums!

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Book blurb: 

Obsessive-compulsive school mum, Skye, is a lonely elite spy, who is running from her past whilst trying to protect the future of her child. She tries hard to fit in with the other parents at her son’s new school, but the only person who accepts her unconventional way of life is new mother, Thea.

Thea is feeling harassed by her sister and bored with her life, but she suspects that there is something strange about the new school mum, Skye. Thea has secrets of her own and, although the two become unlikely friends, she hesitates to tell Skye about the father of her own child.

Zack’s new business is growing faster than he could have dreamed but, suddenly, he finds himself the owner of a crumbling estate on the edge of a pretty village, and a single parent to a very demanding child. Could he make a go of things and give his daughter the life she deserved?

When three lives collide, it appears that only one of them is who they seem to be, and you never know who the person next to you in the school playground really is.

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22 thoughts on “Just before a book goes live…

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  2. It is a great image of being handed rainbows and very true, too. Never tried pre-ordering before. I am learning more about it from you:)

      • Thank you, Lizzie. I am glad you are sharing your experience! I tend to avoid marketing, but I know I can’t either. It is good we can learn from each other:)

  3. I do what I can when my books are up for pre-order. Most other writers understand the importance of pre-order, and I always send out a newsletter and try to splash things on social media. It’s fun, like you said, stressful yes, but in the end I just hope for a good showing, LOL.

    I’m looking forward to Ninja School Mom!

    • That’s great Mae. I am about to write a newsletter too. Another job to add to the list! I love the fact that people subscribe though. Its a good way to let readers know about your work before anyone else.

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