Working while asleep.


This week i’ve had an awful cold and have been half asleep at my desk. What has surprised me is that i’ve still managed to complete quite a lot of work, when I feel like i’ve slept through half of the week. A friend on Twitter said she was up working at 2am and I mentioned that sometimes we are more productive when we’ve had a rest. Time away to restore and recuperate can mean you achieve twice as much when you do get back to work. I know I haven’t actually done any work while asleep, but the amount i’ve accomplished while awake, means I feel like I must have done!

Do you feel more productive after time away from your work, or does it make you panic and feel like you are not getting enough done? I’d be interested to hear how you all manage time away from your daily tasks.

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9 thoughts on “Working while asleep.

  1. I do come back refreshed if i take a break, but oddly enough I get more done if i am tired
    I think its because I don’t overthink it then. If i just cant write i will try to do other writing related activities, but sometimes you just have to stop and pamper yourself, too. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thank you. I feel much better this week. It’s amazing that we’ve managed to get more done when tired. I think you’re right and there is less time to stress, or you don’t notice it when you’re tired.

  2. I’m a night owl who works a day job and who writes at night. So, I’d have to say, if I waited until I felt rested to write, I would never write. When I get into writing, it flows and I don’t dare stop it until my eyes won’t stay open.

    • I wrote my first book, Babe Driven, at night. It’s a really peaceful time to be creative. Now I taxi my children to lots of clubs which finish at odd times, so i tend to write wherever I am, with no set plan.

      I am now picturing you asleep over your keyboard Kim!

  3. It’s amazing how we still push ourselves to accomplish tasks even when we’re sick. I’ve done that myself, but I don’t produce as much as when I’m refreshed and in the mindset to tackle writing.

    I hope you feel better soon, Lizzie. Sometimes we need to step back and give our minds the break our body needs. Take care of yourself!

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