A fresh start.

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Happy 2018 everyone! It’s a new year and time for a fresh start. I had an exciting 2017, but still want to try new ideas and have a good clean out of anything that doesn’t belong in my life now.

I am going to try to be more efficient with my time, so that I have space to be creative and have some fun! I believe that getting a balance will help me do more when I am at work or play. Being fully present in all that I do is beneficial too. If I am worrying about something else while I am seeing friends, in a meeting or at work, then the task at hand is wasted. I might as well be in the place I am worrying about.

Taking time out to truly nurture your inner-self, can bring fresh ideas, a zest for life and a whole lot of new energy to the workplace. I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know how I get on:)

Have you started the year with a New Year resolution and have you broken it yet?


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4 thoughts on “A fresh start.

  1. My New Year’s resolution is to get fit and to release my paperback version of The Curse of Time. All the best to you for 2018 Lizzie and so looking forward to being your blog tour host in February. 🙂

  2. I haven’t actually made any resolutions yet…still weighing up all my options and deliberately taking my time to ensure I get it right for once!
    I agree with you though, that balance is the way to go…

  3. Great way to start the new year, Lizzie! Gettimg rid of stuff that isn’t working, being mindful of your time and staying present is a wonderful idea. It is going to be a great year:)

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