Marketing tips from Adriana Barros.


Today we have three marketing tips from author Adriana Barros. Her latest book is published with Darkstroke, part of Crooked Cat Books. Adriana is from Brazil. Since she was little, she has been obsessed with great stories in books, movies or in her mind.

Adriana currently lives in Florida with her husband and  beloved pet, Flicka. She believes in dreaming big and works to make this come true every day.

Adriana’s three top marketing tips:

  • booktuber channel on youtube: YouTube gains more strength every day. Now the new term booktubers (influencers of books) have channels that reach thousands of reading lovers. If one of these influencers fell in love with your book, you will be on the road to success.
  • Twitter: Its a powerful platform that gives you visibility across hashtags and communities. If you don’t explore this world yet, please try it.
  • Influencer to boost your book: You wrote an amazing book, get published, but you still have to show to the world your talent, how? If you are lucky to know someone quite famous in any area, this person can give you the visibility you need to reach your audience.



Adriana’s book is a fantasy YA called, “ The magical life of Lola Bloom.”
Here its the link if you’d like to check it out :
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One thought on “Marketing tips from Adriana Barros.

  1. Nice to meet you here Adriana:) I haven’t heard of the YouTube book influencers. I will have to check that out. Good tips, thanks.

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