Featured Author. Crooked Cat Books.

Hello everyone. This week I am the featured author on one of my publisher’s websites, Crooked Cat Books. I will be posting a new blog every day for a week to tell you more about my writing journey. I’ll post a different photo each day and a few fun facts. These photos were taken at a recent book signings. The best part of these events is meeting other writers and readers. I really enjoy networking and have begun to run seminars on the subject. I am currently writing a book on the subject to help other creatives.

3 fun facts:

  1. I hid my first book in a cupboard for five years until I found the courage to do something with it.
  2. I am an award winning inventor.
  3. I once wrote a script about inventions for Richard and Judy to act, when I was a guest on television show, This Morning!


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