Crooked Cat. Featured Author. Day 2.

Hello everyone. On day two of my Featured Author week from Crooked Cat Books, I’m going to chat to you about my latest book, If you love me, I’m yours. I’d like to introduce you to the characters!

Meet the main characters from, If you love me, I’m yours.



Maud is a teaching assistant who loves to paint. Her family disapprove of her hobby and her past love life is a resounding disaster. Maud lacks self-confidence.

Meet Dotty 6.35


Dotty is part of a famous family of artists, but is the only family member who can’t paint. She longs to be part of the inner sanctum of creatives, but is left outside to represent them as their agent. Her clothes become more eccentric as she strives to fit in.

Meet Nate


Nate is Dot’s famous brother who paints tortured landscapes that make women go wild! He has a troubled past and pushes everyone who gets close to him away, including Dot.

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Girlfriend joke 2 6.25

Wine meme by Lizzie Chantree

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