Crooked Cat. Featured Author. Day 4.

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Hello everyone. Today I thought I’d tell you a bit more about my #1 bestselling book, If you love me, I’m yours.

3 fun facts:

  1. It took eight months to write, edit and have If you love me, I’m yours ready for publication, with a pretty pink cover.
  2. If you love me, I’m yours, is about an eccentric family of famous artists. I grew up within a very creative family of entrepreneurs. Although they are not famous, they are all wonderfully bonkers and very supportive of my writing.
  3. The story isn’t only about romance. It’s also about friendship and trust. The two main female characters are very different and might not have met in their daily lives. A competition throws them together and the boundaries between their worlds begin to disintegrate, until they are an intrinsic part of each others happiness.

I come from a very big family were we all have very different jobs and dreams and the various generations all get together to meet up regularly. I love the idea of people of different ages or backgrounds forming emotional bonds and you will often come across this in my writing.

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