Crooked Cat. Featured Author. Day 3.

Welcome to day 2 of my featured author posts for my publisher, Crooked Cat Books. I usually post 3 marketing tips on a Monday, so I’ll do the same today. My tips are about reader photos. I love having photos taken with readers and can’t thank them enough for telling their friends and family, or sharing on social media, about my books. Reader photos are a lot of fun and are great for authors to share too.

  1. Carry your book with you if you are going somewhere unusual. You can grab a photo opportunity!
  2. Ask readers if they will hold your book up clearly in the photos. If they are travelling with your book, enquire if they could send you a picture of your book travelling too.
  3. If a reader is posting a photo, ask them to tag your name in, so that you can share it on your own social media timelines or websites. Please ask for photo permission.


A lovely reader posted this for me. It made me smile so much.

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