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Hello everyone. If you are a writer, do you have a media kit on your website?

A media kit makes it very easy for journalists, bloggers and other website hosts to quickly download information for articles without having to spend a long time searching for it. You can check out my media kit page HERE for reference. Author branding is very important and having a media kit presents a professional image and makes networking easier.

Your media kit page should ideally include:

  1. Author bio.
  2. Book list.
  3. Book photos. Separate photos, ebook and paperback.
  4. Book title.
  5. Genre.
  6. Publication date.
  7. Pages.
  8. Book buy link.
  9. Price for both ebook and paperback or hardback.
  10. Book blurb.
  11. Social media links.
  12. A short Q@A about yourself.

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Amazon book links:

Love’s Child. Finding Gina. If you love me, I’m yours. Ninja School Mum. Babe Driven.


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