Do more of what makes you happy.

Be happy pin by Lizzie Chantree

Hello everyone. It’s times like these that make me think that I need to be doing more of what makes me happy. Sometimes I overthink things, or don’t plan enough time into my days for things that don’t relate to work. The thing is, that I love my job, so that in itself makes me happy. I do know that I pack too much into my days sometimes and during lockdown, my workload has doubled, due to home commitments and trying to offer support to others where I can.

I was talking to a friend online the other day, who isn’t able to work right now. She managing to enjoy lots of family time with children who would normally be at work or college. She is doing whatever she can to make the best of the awful situation the world is in, even though she is worrying about her business, clients and family. My other friend works for the NHS. She is doing as many shifts as she can and still has her own family to care for. I’m totally in awe of her skill and dedication, even though I worry about her too! Such inspiring women.

I have been trying to stay upbeat and positive and make time to bake with my family, go for walks with our dog, play card games and chat online with friends and family. My husband is a key worker (non NHS), so there is added stress with him travelling to work. We feel so lucky to have a garden, when we know others don’t and sometimes creativity can be hiding under the bed when anxiety from the news seems overwhelming.

I think the key is to stay as motivated as possible, to still have goals, even if they might have taken a sidestep and to connect with others online or via the phone, so that isolation is kept firmly at bay. We have managed Skype, Zoom or FaceTime group chats with friends and family so far. We’ve had a bake along, a cocktail making night, a quiz night (luckily my nephew organised that) and a cheese and port night without port as we didn’t have any. Lol. Stay safe and well everyone and find time to do a little of what makes you happy.

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13 thoughts on “Do more of what makes you happy.

  1. Great post, Lizzie! I’ve been one of the fortunate people (sorta lol) that has still had to work. But because of days being slower and less busy than normal, I’ve been able to make time for writing & reading. This has been huge for me. It’s made me feel more alive and less anxious. ❤

  2. I’m lucky to have my garden and magical trail:) Nature has been soothing through this.

    • I went for a walk along a path by a field today with my dog and just stood and drank in the view. It was enough to keep me going all day. The coffee I took in a flask helped too!

  3. Yes, I’m lucky in that I have a garden and lovely walks nearby….and I have enjoyed a lessening of pressure because I am not allowed to do as much as before…so like you, trying to do only the things that make me happy.

  4. Lizzie – You’re absolutely right! Staying active and creative definitely helps to reduce anxiety. Also being grateful for what you have – and what you can do. x

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