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Happy whatever day it is everyone! I have mixed my days up twice recently due to the lockdown and isolation. I think many days are merging into one. I’m so thankful of all of my writing friends and blog followers, who are keeping me writing, posting and sane!

Today’s post is about Twitter and pinned posts. I really enjoy interacting with people on Twitter, but unless you are actually chatting and networking there, it’s probably a bit of a waste of your time. I have noticed lately that a lot of people leave a pinned tweet for a long time. A pinned tweet, is the first tweet you see when you open someone else’s page on Twitter. There is an option to ‘pin’ any of your own original tweets to the top of your profile page.

Many think that if you leave this pinned tweet, then it collects retweets and the numbers of retweets look good if they are high. The problem with this, is that if someone like me, (who often visits the pages of my Twitter followers and likes to Rt their work), has to scroll through lots of tweets to find one about their work, I give up and move on. I can retweet the pinned tweet, but if I have already done this, I can’t do it again. This is such a wasted opportunity. I always update my pinned tweet at least once a week, but often every few days or hours. That way, anyone visiting my Twitter page has fresh content at the top of my page, that they don’t have to page down or waste their time looking for. Everyone has busy schedules and this saves them time and makes the opportunity of a new retweets more possible for me.

Check out some Twitter feeds you know and see if you agree. You can find my page here @Lizzie_Chantree It’s full of bookish news and chat.

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12 thoughts on “Pinned Posts on Twitter.

  1. Hi, Lizzie! I visit my followers pages often and I always check if they have a pinned tweet. If the pinned tweet is marked already tweeted I take a quick look at their media page. You’re right, it is time consuming and annoying to scroll for 10 minutes in order to find a tweet to share. I’m sometimes guilty of not changing my pinned tweet often enough, but if someone wants to retweet one of my book posts there are always plenty to choose from in my media page. As indie authors we need to promote our books, if we don’t no one sees them. But I’m beginning to wonder if some authors want their books read at all because I always have a hard time finding a tweet of their books. I’m going to get my manuscript back from my editor soon and then I won’t have time to be scrolling in search of content to share. I wish some people would stop the false modesty BS and tweet their books once in a while. :/ In all honesty, I think it’s more laziness than anything else. Ha, ha. Don’t mind my rant. 😉 <3

    • It really is frustrating when you want to support someone but can’t find a recent tweet! I agree.

  2. I will retweet the pinned tweet many times if there isn’t a new one. It is time consuming to search for one to use if there isn’t one. I try to change mine daily. Good post, Lizzie!

    • Thanks Denise. I try and search for a tweet to RT, but it is time consuming and can stop the sharing of content if someone is in a hurry.

  3. I owe Author, C.S. Boyack a big thanks for introducing me to the pinned tweet a couple of years ago. I’ve used it ever since and find that it does get retweeted! Thanks for sharing, Lizzie!

    • It is frustrating when you visit a page you have been to before and have to search for content to share!

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