E.J. Bauer. Top Author Of The Week.

E J Bauer. Pin by Lizzie Chantree
This week’s top author of the week is E. J. Bauer. She is a member of my Facebook group and I’m really excited to share her writing and an insight into her writing life, here today.
Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else.

Where do you write? 

I write on my deck as often as I can. We live just beneath a large area of rainforest on the south coast of NSW, Australia. This is often the view from my chair.

Birds from deck

Use three photos or images to describe your personality.

Grandmother in silhouette (loving). Making pasta in Italy (joyful) and writing (determined).

Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.

pjimage (2)

I’m going with Europe and then I can include all these! Lisbon, Pisa, Paris and Barcelona!

Post a photo of something that you baked, learnt or made during lockdown.
pjimage (7)
In lockdown I made limoncello from scratch!


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