Secrets from a writer’s desk

Hello everyone. How are you today?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing space lately and wondering what you could tell about my writing style from the things that I always have at hand, when I start a book. The first necessity is a great desk and workspace. I try and keep mine clear of clutter, but I end up with my writing tools surrounding me.  I have a bright orange desk timer that I use for writing sprints and the buddy sessions I run for other writers each week. Next to that sit several colourful marker pens and a family photo. I also have about four A4 lined writing pads beside me, with notes on either the book I’m writing, marketing, lists of my social media planning or timings of my schedule for the day. It feels familiar and cosy to have pens and books around while I’m writing.  I also have a couple of pretty notebooks nearby. I adore notebooks! I can’t walk past one without thinking that I need to add it to my collection.

I don’t play music or have a television on whilst I’m working, as in my head, I’m chatting to my characters and learning their story. Writing books  is an exciting job and no two days are the same.  It’s usually a circle of writing one book, editing another and submitting a third to my publisher.

Behind me is a wall of books, including ones I have written, which makes me smile whenever I sit down to work. I built my desk out of a leftover piece of kitchen worktop and added metal legs to it, as I wanted a wide workspace, but recently I’ve been looking at more practical options and have found some gorgeous choices! I definitely need to update. I don’t have any plants in my office, but I do have a beautiful view across fields, which inspires my creativity. I love to write when I’m near the sea, mountains, or anything beautiful. I feel more relaxed in that environment. If there is a frothy coffee available and a slice of cake too, then I could stay for hours!

What does your workspace say about you?


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Have a wonderful week everyone. From Lizzie.

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9 thoughts on “Secrets from a writer’s desk

  1. When we bought my desk several years ago, I thought it was too big. Yet, I use every inch of it plus two file cabinets (small), a book case, and the floor! It is tidy and organized, but there is too many papers and books. I need to do a little cleaning out. Like many, I spend a lot of time at my desk. My Apple watch reminds me periodically to stand and/or do some deep breathing. Thank you for this post, Liz.

    • It’s great that your watch reminds you to get up and walk around, Karen. I also have a small set of files on my desk. I did invest in a little book trolley this year, after posting about it in my book group. It now stores books, pens and pencils and more books! It’s a soft green colour and is so pretty. I bought one for my parents for Christmas with some books and they loved it so much that they bought another one! I think a good writing space is important for getting words onto paper.

    • I bet your desk has a few Flamingos on it, Lynn! I imagine you to be very organised. I can’t wait to read your next book.

  2. Cripes you are so organised. I am in awe. My desk is tidy but I sometimes work on a laptop too, anywhere in the house. I may write full stop all day and sometimes I get up and wander around doing chores as well as writing. I am a butterfly at times.

    • I love that you’re a butterfly and move around when writing, Jane. I spend a lot of time at my desk, but I’ve only just got my first laptop, so i’d look a bit weird lugging my giant computer screen around the house!

      • LOL I try to make myself move. A few years ago after my accident I was in too much pain to move so sat writing non-stop for a few years and then realised I was getting an author’s bum, so now, even though it hurts I get up and do stuff. Butterfly is poetic license! Hippo more like.

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