Valentines Day Gift For You.


Happy Valentines Day everyone. I hope you are having a great day and that it brings some sunshine, whatever you are doing.  On that note, my bestselling book, Babe Driven, is free for a few days. So kick back, relax and treat yourself to some sizzling beaches, cocktails and romance between the pages today.

Have a brilliant day and enjoy your free gift from me. x

Reader reviews:

‘This book is fantastic. I couldn’t put it down. A lovely happy story with one intriguing story line after another. It keeps you coming back for more, so that only two days later you’re already reading the last page.
I have 5***** as I wasn’t able to leave more.
I’d not read any of the author’s work previously – now I shall be devouring every book she’s written.
Buy the book.
You won’t regret it.’


‘I was just amazed at Harry’s character. In the beginning, I saw her as this woman with not much self-confidence who may let people take advantage of her. So, imagine my shock when that perception was blown out of the water. I liked her in the beginning, but I LOVED her in the end.

If you are looking for a book with a strong female character with heart, you can’t go wrong with this one!!!’


‘Babe Driven is a Feel Good, Flirty, Funny, Rom Com with Strong and Quirky Characters, plenty of drama, Sass, plenty of Humour, Intrigue, a dash of mystery and some cleverly plotted twists and turns to keep you on your toes!’


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3 thoughts on “Valentines Day Gift For You.

  1. Thank you, Lizzie. I was so positive I had this on my Kindle, but I double checked and didn’t. So, I added it and look forward to reading it soon.

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