Nell Dixon. Top Author of the week.

I’m excited to host brilliant author, Nell Dixon, on my blog today. Her latest book, Murder at the Wedding is out soon. Release day OCT 6th! I can’t wait to read it and I love the gorgeous cover design
Helena Dixon splits her time between the Black Country and Devon. Married to the same man for over thirty five years she has three daughters, a cactus called Spike, and a crazy cockapoo. She is allergic to adhesives, apples, tinsel and housework. Her addictions of choice are coffee and reality TV. She was winner of The Romance Prize in 2007 and Love Story of the Year 2010 as Nell Dixon. She now writes historical 1930’s set cozy crime.

Blurb: ’Till death do us part may come sooner than they thought…

1934. Kitty Underhay steps out of the battered Rolls Royce and onto the gravelled driveway of Thurscomb Castle in deepest Yorkshire. She’s honoured to be a bridesmaid at her cousin Lucy’s wedding to the reluctant Lord Rupert Woodcomb, but as family and friends gather for welcome drinks, Kitty dodges intrusive questions about her own marital status by taking a stroll about the castle grounds. As she passes through the manicured gardens, a fatal shot rings out…

The valet, Evans, is dead. And Kitty can’t help but notice how rattled the man standing next to him seems. Could Rupert’s best man, The Right Honourable Alexander ‘Sandy’ Galsworthy, believe the speeding bullet was meant for him?

When she discovers that Sandy has been receiving blackmail notes, Kitty suspects that one of the assembled guests has plans to make good on their threats. The local constabulary won’t act on Kitty’s hunch, so, busy with her bridesmaid’s duties, she asks her beau, ex-army captain Matthew Bryant, to help.

The ceremony passes without a hitch. But when an anxious Sandy slips away during the dancing, Matt follows, only to make a hideous discovery: Sandy is dead, flattened on the terrace by some falling masonry.

Now the duo are sure that there is a murderer within the castle walls. But can they untangle Sandy’s final hours and catch this killer before they strike again, or will the wedding bells be replaced by a death knell for Kitty herself…?

A completely charming and unputdownable cozy historical Golden Age murder mystery! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and Lee Strauss.

Pre-order your copy today!

Essex Author’s Day.

Essex Author’s Day.

Last weekend was Essex Author’s Day, which is part of The Essex Book Festival. I ran a seminar for Chelmsford Libraries again this year and it was so strange being in a group of people again! When I arrived the room was huge ,with a projector in the ceiling. I was expecting a much smaller screen, so the nerves kicked in! Luckily the staff were amazing and we quickly got the presentation set up.

There was a lot of information to go through, as the seminar was about marketing books. Lots of questions were asked by the attendees and it was a lot of fun to be part of, despite my jitters. I often give presentations now, but it is way out of my comfort zone. I’m more comfortable at my writing desk, scribbling more of my latest manuscript! I love helping other authors though and it was a real treat to be asked back this year.

If you haven’t been to Chelmsford library before, it’s a huge modern building which is incredible to explore. So many gorgeous books to discover. My seminar was about launch day planning, social media, stacked promotions, book cover design, branding, finding readers and lots of other topics, so I hope everyone found something to apply to their own writing journeys.


At the end of the seminar I was given some beautiful books by authors who had attended and that really made the day even better. I can’t wait to read them.


Wishing you all an amazing week and I hope it is full of adventure and shenanigans!

From Lizzie



Andrew Obst. Today’s Top Author!

I’m happy to welcome author A.M. Obst to my blog today!

From Andrew: “I write what is known as ‘High Fantasy’, in that the stories are set in a world I made up. But that doesn’t mean you’ll encounter dragons, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and the like in my books. I also don’t have many swordfights or battle scenes either. There are plenty of other authors who tell those stories and tell them well.

My stories are focussed on fairly ordinary human characters dealing with extraordinary challenges that fate throws at them. In their world, the existence of magic has meant that technological development lags behind our own, while societal development has been faster, resulting in some world views we would recognise as modern.

My first book, The Hungry Fire, is out now. I’m working on Book 2 of the planned trilogy and hope to have it released late this year or early 2022. I also have an outline and a few chapters drafted for Book 3.

I hope you enjoy my work.”

Recent reviews:

‘Good Plot & Strong Characters.’

‘This is a well written novel with a great fantasy story and characters.

Recommended read for fantasy fans.’


Book blurb:

They’re surrounded by immense magical powers. How can they survive when they only have wits and desperation as weapons?

Betharad, Sarnd and Jessa are doing their best to step out from the shadow cast by their hero parents. But they are thrown into a desperate battle for survival by the return of the sorcerer their parents died to defeat.

The siblings search for clues in their parents’ tragic battle, only to uncover shocking secrets behind the official story. Reeling from the discovery and lacking magical powers of their own, as their enemy meddles with chaotic forces, death seems inevitable.

Can three ordinary people outwit a fiend whose ruthless ambitions could send their world to its doom?

The Hungry Fire is the gripping first book in the Serpentstone epic fantasy series. If you like underdog champions, earth-shattering magic, and high-stakes action, then you’ll love A.M. Obst’s riveting tale.

Buy The Hungry Fire to set your imagination alight today!


Buy your copy here!

The link to my book in the store is 


Author bio:

A.M. Obst is an Australian living in the UK. He’s been writing and making up stuff about places that don’t exist for a very long time, but has only recently had the opportunity to turn it into a career.

His mother was a school teacher with an interest in teaching children how to read, and she introduced him to J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis at an early age. When you add in an active imagination, a fascination with maps, and an appreciation of beautiful calligraphy, it was probably inevitable that he’d end up writing fantasy.

He enjoys reading (and writing) stories with thoughtful world-building, a diversity of characters with agency, and exciting plots with satisfying endings.

Outside of high fantasy, he’s been known to read science fiction, urban fantasy, dystopian fiction, crime, historical fiction and literary fiction.


Chris and Lizzie’s Marketing Adventures. Making it up as you go along!

Chris and Lizzie’s Marketing Adventures.

Planes, Trains and in Automobiles – or ‘going with the flow.’

I’m running a seminar on book marketing soon and I can’t stress enough that marketing can be a lot of fun. I regularly meet up with fellow author Christine Penhall and we basically decide what we will be doing that day, as we go along.

This time, we had glorious sunshine and a trip to the end of a grade II listed, over 100 year old pier, that sticks out over 1.3 miles into the sea. Of course we made time to dip our toes in the water, drink tall glasses of coffee and also write pages of notes, for future projects. Such a hard day at work! We decided that our theme would be planes, trains and automobiles, as we drove to the seaside, got a train back from the end of the pier and Chris ran into every amusement arcade, to try and find a colourful plane to ride in. We had to settle for a helicopter!

We talked about future books, ones we are writing now and the world of publishing. Along the way, we walked to the end of the pier, took loads of gorgeous photos, used the time to think about some book or writing related places we could visit and had a real giggle. We ended the day by discovering a public garden hidden in the middle of rows of houses. It had a huge fountain with carved cherubs at the centre, where pigeons and butterflies were resting their wings and flowers bloomed in every corner. It would make a great setting for a romance novel and the hidden gem inspired us to want to uncover other intriguing scenery. Watch this space for our next instalment, which we think it will probably be about unusual objects in book settings, but by the time we meet again, knowing us, our adventures will have a life of their own!

From Chris:

I always look forward to meeting up with Lizzie Chantree. We have a lot of fun, talk about books, our ideas, how we write, and all sorts of random stuff!

We always start with a plan…a cup of coffee, and if our meeting is in Southend, a full English breakfast in one of the cafes in the Arches along the seafront. Our previous endeavours have been done in some fairly inclement weather. But not September’s. Oh, no! September’s was sunny. And hot, and gorgeous, and frankly rendered me a little more skittish than usual.


So I forgot to bring my notepad with my ideas in. The only one I had in my head was…tenacity..because I wanted to use a ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’ gif from Dirty Dancing in the blog. However, lured out by the sparkling sea and clear blue sky, we decided that a walk along Southend’s iconic pleasure pier – the worlds’ longest at 1.33 miles – would be an ideal way to walk off our breakfast and help us bask in the sun.







So, that was the beginning of our ‘go with the flow’ day. Which is what my writing is like really – sometimes I just sit there with a plan, start to type and somehow go off in an entirely different direction to what I’d intended. I also write the scenes I feel like too, when I can’t get one out of my mind, rather that the next piece of the plot. I did that, for example, with the dancing scene in Lisbon in New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sun, and also, the last chapter in Finding Summer Happiness. And because I went with where my imagination was, instead of doggedly writing what I’d thought I should, what I came up with was much more vivid, and I went back to the bit I had planned to create with more enthusiasm and energy.

Just a few minutes after we’d stepped onto the pier, the sound of the bustling seafront seemed miles away, the noise of traffic and chatter giving way to lilting waves and seabirds, and it felt so very, very calm, only interrupted with the pier’s trains chugging past heading back to shore. We stopped several times to enjoy the view, then took the train back ourselves. I love days like these – the sense of movement and fun, just walking and getting on and off things. We got so excited with our trains, planes and automobiles idea when we were on the actual train, we decided to try and find a plane on a ride at Adventure Island. Sadly (or maybe just as well), it was closed, so Lizzie had a paddle in the sea and we spotted a helicopter advertising another ride….couldn’t get on it, so took a photo instead…it’s the thought that counts!

Then we headed up Pier Hill to Clifftown Parade, where there are some gorgeous, distinctive houses and little hotels, plus a cafe where we could have a drink – latte, always latte, and an orange juice and soda for me, thanks…. From here we were able to watch the world go by, once again just a few hundred yards away from the crowds, and plan our next trip.

Then I drove home in my car, and Lizzie drove home in. hers, so we did the automobile bit too.

Remember, nobody puts baby in the corner….no, I mean, go with the flow and let your imagination run riot. You never know what you might find!       


You can find more information about her on

or folllow her on twitter: @ChrisPenhall

Instagram: christinepenhall


Lisa Stanbridge. Top Author of the week.

Today’s guest is  author, Lisa Stanbridge, who is an Australian author who struggles to find time to write and dreams of being a bestseller. Her passion for writing runs so hot in her veins she looks for every opportunity to put pen to paper, often staying up until the wee hours to get the words down, even when she has to work the next day.

Award-winning author Lisa, has been writing ever since she could string sentences together. As a child, it started off with princesses in castles being rescued by Prince Charming. As a teenager she moved onto angsty teens struggling through life with raging hormones. Now, as a semi-mature adult, she writes sweet contemporary romances about real people going through real struggles who want their HEA.
In 2019, Lisa won the Romance Writers of Australia Little Gems short story contest with Clarity, and was shortlisted in the RWAus Emerald Award for unpublished manuscripts for Abandoned Hearts where she ranked second place.
Abandoned Hearts was published the following year by Boroughs Publishing Group.
2020 saw Lisa shortlisted again in RWAus Sweet Treats contest with The Cupcake Catastrophe.
In 2021, Lisa came fifth place in the RWAus First Kiss Award, and has been shortlisted for The Sapphire Awards. Abandoned Hearts also won ‘Best First Book’ for Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Award of Excellence.
When she’s not writing, Lisa works full time as a Software Tester. She reads anything she can sink her teeth into, and occasionally binges on the latest Netflix series. Lisa loves lazy days at the beach reading or writing, but rarely swimming, and loves spending time with her husband and her friends.
Blurb for Abandoned Hearts:
Finally free from her abusive ex, Claire Stone accepts a job as a live-in nurse in the small beach-side town of Busselton, Western Australia. A new life is exactly what she needs. Move away, move on, forget. If only things were that simple. Even the intriguing but abrasive son of her new patient can’t shield her from relentless memories.
Michael Karalis is watching his mother die while battling his ex-wife for custody of his five year old son. He’s bitter, broken, and distrustful, but Claire becomes a light in his world, despite his reservations. Two broken souls need to learn to trust again and open their hearts or they’ll never find the love they both need.

Chris Hall. This week’s guest author!

This week’s Top Author Of The Week, is talented writer, Chris Hall!

Chris describes herself as a compulsive story-teller, cat slave and hen keeper. So far she has released four novels and a small collection of short stories. She writes beautiful multi-genre short fiction and poetry on her website.

Chris has also written under the pen name, Holly Atkins.

From Chris:

A little bit about me

I’m a happy genre-hopping indie author and to date I’ve published four novels and a tiny collection of short stories. At the moment I’m working on a fifth novel, the sequel to ‘Song of the Sea Goddess’.

Basically, I love writing in all its forms. I’m a proud member of the blogger community: reading, writing and sharing with fantastic people all over the world.

Reading is another passion of mine. As an author, I understand the importance of receiving reviews, so I’m a dedicated reviewer too.

Originally from Liverpool in the UK, I now live near Cape Town, South Africa with my artist husband and a very demanding cat called Luna.

Blurb for Song of the Sea Goddess

Sam thinks his problems are over when finds his fishing bucket filled with gold coins. There’s a problem though. The gold burns the fingers of anyone who touches it. His unlikely find coincides with the appearance of a mythical sea creature on the headland overlooking the town and the resumption of quarrying up in the mountains that is poisoning the streams and contaminating the town’s water supply.

Determined to keep his coins hidden, Sam goes up-river to bury them. Here he encounters a beguiling young woman called Shasa, who lives by one of the tainted springs and just happens to have a fish’s tail.

As the blasting continues, the discovery of a series of recently-made drawings in the cave under the headland reveals the terrifying prophesy of an impending natural disaster. Fearing for Shasa’s safety, Sam sets out find her again, only to meet the danger head on, as nature takes its revenge for the damage being wrought by humankind.

Will Sam and Shasa survive?

Set in a fictional location on the West Coast of South Africa, the author skillfully blends the charm of small town life with the threat of ecological disaster at the hands of a powerful force beyond human understanding.


Recent reviews:

‘I enjoyed this entertaining and imaginative read and recommend it to lovers of fantasy and a good humorous story. Chris Hall certainly has a talent for creating flavourful characters.’


‘This whimsical and magical read is set in South Africa and follows a handful of delightful characters as they deal with some strange happenings.’


Links to Song of the Sea Goddess:

Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook – listen to a sample here
Order on Amazon: USA ~ UK ~ IND ~ AUS ~ CAN ~ ESP ~ Rest of the World
Download from Kobo: ebook ~ audiobook

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Finding a writing routine.

Hi everyone. How are you all?

It’s been school holidays here and although I tried my best to keep on top of my workload, its been a bit hit and miss. I have always built creative time and coffee breaks into my working week, but during the holidays, i’ve spent far more time away form my desk. When I run seminars, I regularly mention the balance between work and play. I feel it’s really important to find time to step away from deadlines and give your mind time to refresh and restore. This doesn’t mean sitting around all day on the couch, but it does mean turning off social media or screen time for a while here and there and sitting in a park, or taking a stroll for a short while.

Before the school holidays my ‘to do’ list was heaving and although I did fulfil all of my jobs, I was worn out. After a few days in different towns here and there and some time sitting at the beach down the road, I have come back to work with new story ideas, fresh energy and I cannot wait to finish two of the sequels i’m working on.

I hope you have all had a great few weeks and you’ve had a moment to sit in the sunshine or do something creative, before jumping straight back into your everyday world.

Here are some photos from the places I visited. I hope they make you smile. Watch out for a new romance i’ll be writing soon, inspired by one of the locations!



It is also great to see my latest article on marketing and networking in Romance Matters Magazine. I’m running my next seminar on book marketing at Chelmsford Library on the 25th Sept at 9.30am, if anyone is looking for book marketing advice and is local to Essex, U.K.


About this event

International bestselling author Lizzie Chantree’s books have featured in magazines and on the radio. Her seminar at the Essex Authors Day will provide information, tips and advice about how to market your book. Lizzie will be talking about social media, book promotion, book launches, author branding and new ways to find an audience for your writing.

Marketing a book doesn’t have to feel like an uphill struggle, so during this seminar, Lizzie will help you to discover ideas to make your work stand out from the crowd and build an online presence.

Meet Kay Castaneda. Top Author Of The Week.

It’s my pleasure to have Kay Castaneda as my guest and Top Author, this week.

Kay Castaneda is retired from a career as a college writing instructor and special education tutor. She earned a B.A. and M.A. in English at Indiana University. Her publications include poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction in literary journals plus articles about education for reference books. She published a novel based on her experiences growing up in the Midwest, Emmie of Indianapolis. Kay also contributed two stories to Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories. She is currently researching the history of Ireland for a novel based on her ancestors.  Her work in progress is a mystery novel with an amateur female sleuth. She loves to eat at Mom and Pop diners and browse in antique stores and flea markets. Kay lives in Mexico with her husband Tony, son Richard and dog Buddy.

Reviews of Kay’s work:

‘Wonderful! a joy to read.’

‘This delightful book is also a page-turner. It also left me with a warm uplifting feeling. It was a joy.’

‘One sweet novel. Full of warmth, sorrow and joy for young adults.’

‘AMAZING book!’

Book blurb:

In 1963, a young teenage girl moves with her mother and sisters from the suburbs to the downtown of a Midwestern city after her parents get a divorce. Emmie, a naïve, curious and intelligent girl, wants the security of her suburban life but has always dreamed of adventure in faraway places. She must take risks, meet new people and become independent. The change is difficult for all because of her mother’s alcoholism and lack of a steady income. When Emmie’s mother takes a job, she cares for her sisters at night. In her new neighborhood, Emmie meets people from different cultures who are both good and evil. She defends her sisters and herself each day by confronting the evil, thus awakening her courage and inner strength. But she never gives up.

Book buy link

Other books by Kay:

J. A. Newman. This week’s Top Author!

This week’s guest author is Julie Newman. Some of the reviews of Julie’s latest book really make you want to grab it from the bookshelf and start reading. If you enjoy captivating and well written stories, then Julie’s work will keep you turning page after page to find out more. Julie is an inspiration and began her writing career at the age of 59. Her memoir, No One Comes Close, is a true story of how one woman, unhappy in her marriage, set out to find her first love and the consequences it incurred.

Here are some reviews of Julie’s work:

‘Her emotive writing kept me thinking and feeling every step of the way.’

‘A gripping story about a woman compelled to change everything for another chance at a lost love. Great characters and period detail. I recommend it.’

‘I think we all sometimes wonder what would happen if we revisited our romantic past. This is a great book.’


Thank you very much for inviting me Lizzie. I’m a late-starter when it comes to creative writing. In 2008 aged 59, I moved to Cornwall where I took my first creative writing course.  I was immediately hooked. More courses followed. I joined several writers’ groups and soaked it all up like a sponge. I have written numerous short stories and articles, some of which have been published in magazines, but my biggest dream was to send my stranger-than-fiction story, No One Comes Close, out into the world. My favourite quote: No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.


J.A. Newman was born in Kent into a busy, artistic family. He father was a commercial artist in London’s West End and painted in his spare time while her mother and grandmother took in paying guests.  At primary school she was repeatedly told off for daydreaming in class and at senior school she filled her rough note books with comic strip stories. Wanting a creative career she went into hairdressing which took her to South East London and later to Cambridgeshire. In 2008 she retired to Cornwall with her second husband where she found inspiration for her writing.

J.A. Newman has kept a diary for most of her life; 1966 and 1987 being the inspiration for her memoir No One Comes Close, an emotional roller-coaster romance published in 2017. Her second publication Where There’s a Will, published a year later, is a light-hearted tale of rags to riches set in South East London and the Yorkshire Dales. Her latest novel, Bay of Secrets, is a mystery with a dash of the paranormal, a slice of romance and a sprinkling of nostalgia set in her favourite part of Cornwall.

She is currently working on a sequel to Where There’s a Will and researching the English Civil War with the intention of writing a historical novel set in that period.


You can reach her on:


Website: : No One Comes Close

Have you ever dreamed of finding a long lost love? Well, Julie didn’t just dream, she did it. This is her story.

Her other two publications:

Where There’s a Will: J A Newman: 9781723137921: Books

Bay of Secrets: J A Newman: 9798617263376: Books


Jo lambert. Top Author Of The week.

Jo Lambert joins me on my blog today, as this week’s top author.  If you enjoy romance reads with lots of drama and intrigue, then jump into Jo’s book!

Some recent reviews of Jo’s work:

‘Poignant romance with a thriller edge.’

‘I’ll simply say that this is a gripping novel and one I think Mary Stewart and Catherine Gaskin would thoroughly approve of. I loved it.’

‘Gripping romantic suspense.’

‘For those who love Cornish novels. An involving and enjoyable book.’

Jo Lambert lives on the eastern edge of the city of Bath. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Society of Authors.  She has been writing since 2008. Her first five books, a set of linked romantic sagas following the lives of several families in rural West Somerset, were followed in 2015 by Summer Moved On, a contemporary romance set in South Devon. A sequel, Watercolours in the Rain was published 2017,

 In June 2019 Jo published A Cornish Affair with Choc Lit under their Ruby imprint. Later that year, a major health scare saw her writing put on hold for a while, but in the summer of 2020, the first of a new series of romantic suspense novels was published. Shadows on the Water, set on the south coast of Cornwall, became the first of three stories set in the fictitious town of Kingswater (a place based on a mix of Dartmouth and Fowey).

Her latest novel A Kingswater Summer, due to be published in August 2021 is the second in the series. Both books can be read as standalone stories.

When she isn’t writing she reads and reviews. She also has an active blog.  Jo loves travel, red wine and music from the sixties and beyond. And sometimes she takes the odd photograph…

Shadows on the Water by Jo Lambert.

Book blurb:

After the tragic death of her fiancé, Ava Warren is slowly rebuilding her life. She has a supportive family, great friends and a job she loves, managing holiday letting company Estuary Escapes in her home town of Kingswater. Another relationship is the last thing she wants or needs. Until one evening she meets Alex Penhaligon.

Alex has just returned home from California where he has been working for the past five years. A case of mistaken identity gets them off to a bad start. But discovering his error, Alex is anxious to make amends and soon persuades Ava that he’s not quite as arrogant as she thinks he is. As their friendship begins to turn into something much deeper, Ava wonders whether she can at last put the past behind her and make a new future with Alex.

But someone is watching. A man who not only thinks Ava should be his but also holds a long term grudge against Alex. And he’s determined to get his own way irrespective of the lengths he has to go to or who gets hurt in the process.

Set on the south coast of Cornwall, Shadows on the Water is a story of family ties, lost love and tangled loyalties.






Jo Lambert: Links

Website and blog:

 Twitter: @jolambertwriter


Linkedin: 4644530

Instagram: jolambertwriter185