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I run a networking hour on Twitter called #creativebizhour which is a great way for creatives to meet up, chat about their current work, or ask any questions they may have to the other artists, photographers, designers, writers and array of creative talent that joins in with the hour each week.

#creativebizhour trends high most weeks now and we have over 17.3 Million timeline views and 22k RT’s in 1 hour some weeks. It’s a great place to stop by.

I started the hour to help people who either already had creative businesses, or who were like me and were entering into a new area of work. When I began writing, I had no idea how to market my work, or where to go to meet other authors and readers. I had to learn quickly and social media really interested me as a way to reach out to people to help each other.

I now have fantastic followers on Twitter who I really enjoy talking to and my networking hour is a fast and fun filled way to get together, to learn about each others current work projects, or ask for advice from others in similar industries.

To join in, add #CreativeBizHour to you tweets and responses to chat, on Mondays between 8-9pm (GMT) 3-4pm (EST) 2-3pm (CST). Then we ask you to join in with the conversations and to RT other businesses using the hashtag to show support for each others work. Tweets with photos in them tend to get the greatest retweet rate as they are visual and work best on timelines.

Each week one account wins a week of tweet support from the hosts of the hour, with a combined follower reach of over 85K. To be in with a chance of winning, you must follow all of the hosts and RT to support other businesses. You don’t have to RT everyone, just those that you feel your own followers will be interested in. We find those that support others, are given the same helping hand from the creative businesses and people taking part. It’s like a big virtual group hug! We would love to see you there.

The hosts are:

@Lizzie_Chantree   Lizzie Chantree

(Award winning Author/Artist/Award winning Inventor/Mentor)

@ThatsInsurance   Maureen Juniper

(Author/ Multiple business owner)

@CreativeBizHr   Roger Juniper

(Business advisor/Creative/Business owner/Mentor)


Each week, I have a pic and ask questions from that topic, so that everyone can join in and we can learn more about each other and our respective business or industry. Many people join in who don’t have a business, but who enjoy chatting about creativity.

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What other businesses and creatives say about #creativebizhour 

1.  ‘Its one of my favourite Twitter Hours, I think you are an inspiration & do a fantastic job.’ 
2.  ‘I look forward to #CreativeBizHour every Monday evening!’

3.  ‘Another really supportive evening #CreativeBizHour- thank you!’

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