Making the most of Pinterest.

Pinterest can be a great tool for authors. Here are 3 tips for making the most of your Pinterest page as a writer.

Pinterest. Lizzie Chantree

1. ย Create new boards with #keywords in the title. This makes them easier for others to discover and helps boost your rankings. You can also use keywords in your pin descriptions. For example, the pin above would be in Books by author Lizzie Chantree, with the descriptive keywords, BeachReads, Babe Driven, Love’s Child, Finding Gina.

2. ย Post original content. Write your own content, or search the web for interesting quotes, photos, or book writing related news.

3. ย Add a Pinterest widget to your blog or website. This means that every time you write an article, the widget will take the most interesting pieces and form pins for you to easily add to your Pinterest page.


27 thoughts on “Making the most of Pinterest.

  1. Thanks, Lizzie! I used to be quite active on Pinterest, but it’s been a while since I pinned anything. I’m working on visuals for both books now and will add them shortly. I really enjoyed it, and looking forward to getting back into it. See you there! Unfortunately I missed the last two CreativeBizHour due to scheduling challenges. Hope to connect next Monday. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hi Natalie. I’m glad your books are doing so well and can understand the time constraints of writing and marketing. You missed some fabulous and trending #CreativeBizHour networking sessions on Twitter, but it’s not a problem. Just join in whenever you can!

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