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I’ve recently been told by my publisher that my new book with be out on the 30th Jan 2018. Hooray! The thing is …I now have to plan a virtual book launch. You may have seen my Twitter or Facebook post on this topic, where I have basically pleaded dramatically to anyone who can help me to make this process a success, to step forward! I have already published three books myself on Amazon, but this is my first launch and it is a complete mystery to me.

I began by thinking that the launch date was so far away, that it was too early to start planning, but seeing other authors with launch dates near mine already having book covers and blog tours planned, I’m starting to sweat and shake with nerves. Apparently it’s good to have live video Facebook feeds from your launch party, giveaways, quiz questions … What would make you attend a virtual book launch and what would draw you into interacting on Facebook and getting to know more about a book you hadn’t read yet?

So far I have set up a closed Facebook group that anyone can request to join. I will be jotting down launch day goals and explaining tips I have been given in case it helps anyone else in the group. I’m hoping that the people who have joined will jump in and have a great party with me on launch day. If you would like to be part of that experience, click the link here to join in with the launch group. The more the merrier!


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25 thoughts on “Calling you!

  1. So exciting. Sally Cronin is busy with a lovely blog tour and Craig Boyack (Entertaining Stories) and Teagan Geneviene (Teagan’s Books) also did smashing blog book tours recently. They compiled interesting posts about themselves and their writing together with the excerpt and book promotion. I on shared a lot of all of these authors posts.

  2. Exciting news, Lizzie. And you’re right that you can never plan for promo too soon.
    I’m not much of a Facebook user, but I’d be glad to host you on my blog when you’re ready!

  3. It all sounds a little scary – a whole host of new skillsets to address and schedule. I think I’ve joined your FB group – but happy to host you any time for blog tours etc. 😀

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