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Happy new week everyone! Today’s Marketing Tips and are about team building. Being a writer can be quite isolating and I’ve found that networking and talking to others really helps me to be inspired and more confident. Here are some tips to gather your own team of confidants, creatives or co-workers to share your working life with. Some might even become good friends!

Networking: Networking is now big business, but the fundamentals remain the same. Networking isn’t always about furthering your career, it can be a great way to meet friends and share creative ideas. There are groups on most social media sites and they usually have a topic name. I run a networking hour on twitter called #CreativeBizHour and it’s for anyone who enjoys creativity and likes to meet other people and have a friendly chat. To join these chats, just add the hashtags to your tweets, but it has to be during the networking session times.

There are networking hours for so many industries or interests from working mums and dads to food lovers, fashionistas to people in specific areas of the world and the list is endless!

You can usually find networking groups locally by doing an internet search. These can be great fun and give you contacts with others who live in the same region as you and have similar interests.

Group Chats: Facebook is a great place to find groups of people with similar interests to you. If you love books, just type book groups into the search bar and lots of variations of book group will appear. See which ones interest you and ask to join. The page admins will then have a chance to check out your application, make sure the topic is a genuine interest to you and add you to the group.

Local hobby groups: Most small towns, villages and cities have local hobby groups. An internet search will usually find them. This is a place to meet people in your area with the same hobbies as you and a great way to network in person and make friends who enjoy the things you do.



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  1. Reblogged this on Dorion's Author Blog and commented:
    Networking is an old business concept that – in the 21st Century – is essential for authors of all stripes even those who tend to be isolationists. The old days of burying one’s head in the writing and letting a publicist do the promotion are long gone.

  2. Thanks, Lizzie! Great tips for sure. Unfortunately, I’m having a difficult time joining you for CreativeBizHour due to scheduling conflicts again. Poohie! I hope to join you next week. 🙂

  3. You are right writing is a solitary endeavor, but social connection is important, too. Networking is new to me, group chats I’ve done and local hobby groups is a good idea.

  4. Networking is wonderful for authors. Groups like the RAVE REVIEWS BOOk CLUB are invaluable. Heck, that’s where I met you, Lizzie, along with so many others who are uber supportive of each other. Nice post.

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