Being a writer.

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This meme always makes me smile because it’s so true! I feel like I have far too many notepads stuffed into my handbag and teetering on the edge of my bedside table, for me to scribble ideas onto for another book or blurb. I’m a bit of a notebook Magpie and can’t walk past a shop with sparkly notepads without drooling all over them, hence the puppy in the photo!

This week I’ve been working on my latest manuscript, which is about a woman who feels lonely and misunderstood, but she does something that pushes her into the limelight, causing her endless amounts of trouble. I’m at the start of the book, but I’m loving her personality already.

Have an amazing week everyone. Feel free to share what you are working on in the comments below this post.


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13 thoughts on “Being a writer.

  1. I have tons of notes, too. But I’m forever looking for a pen! I like the sound of your new character, Lizzie:) Have a great week.

    • Hi Denise. Thank you. I have a Ninja School Mum mug with loads of pens in it, on my desk. Otherwise I’d lose them too!

  2. Sometimes, being a writer is like living in a nightmare world, and what makes it worse, you now you created it! I am in such a place right now, and the struggle to sort it all out is exhausting me…

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