Meet the Authors. Week Two.

Today, it’s my great pleasure to showcase four wonderful authors. Check out their work and discover some amazing new reads! Introducing, Abigail Osbourne, Liza Miles, Lesley lodge,  and Sonia Stanizzo.


Abigail Osbourne

Abigail is originally from the Lake District but moved to the West Midlands for University where she completed an English Literature & History degree. She lives in Worcestershire with her husband and is a board game fanatic, owning over 70 games. She has a huge collection of books, plays the violin, and used to play the piano until her husband sold it because it was too heavy to keep moving. Save Her is Abigail’s second novel. 

Would you give up your husband to save your best friend’s life?

Bonded by their traumatic childhoods, Flora and Sophie are inseparable friends who married brothers.

What they could not have anticipated was their mother-in-law, Cecelia. Disappointed that her children have married beneath them, Cecelia takes every opportunity to belittle and taunt her daughters-in-law.

When Cecelia learns that Flora and her son are moving away, her wrath escalates, and Flora’s world begins to fall apart.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s life is also crumbling around her. Her marriage is not what it seems, and she is desperate to escape the clutches of the poisonous family she has married into.

Is Flora being tormented or is she losing her mind?

Will Sophie and Flora be forced to leave their husbands in order to survive?

With a mother-in-law like Cecelia, anything is possible…

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Liza Miles

Will the real Liza Miles please stand up!  Like many writers and creatives – indeed many professionals – the sneaky whispers of imposter syndrome can wreak havoc.  Having had my stated ambitions to be a writer at the age of fourteen rained on, I navigated several successful careers between then and now including documentary film making, writing nonfiction, expressive arts therapy, and family mediation.  I am now an MLitt candidate at the University of Stirling. Today as I sit at my writing desk overlooking a garden in Falkirk, accompanied by my two cats Kate and Cleo, I feel very thankful that my fiction writing career finally started in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic.  And perhaps because I have a short attention span, or get bored easily, I find that I am drawn to writing many different kinds of fiction – but they all have one thing in common – a strong female protagonist.  I tend not to plan out the books I write – the characters I write about usually hang about day after day, and I get to know them really well before I start writing.   Much the same way I did when I worked as a counsellor and mediator.  I find out what makes them tick and then allow their story to unfold.  The old adage, write what you know stays with me, except in my case, it is more write who you know. Some of the characters have traits of real people whom I have met and worked with.  I have three more books in the Rose McLaren series to complete, I am beginning research for a historical trilogy, a domestic noir set in Edinburgh and Glasgow in the late 1950’s and early sixties and a follow up to Amelia’s story in My Life’s not Funny.  I feel, full, happy, and determined to wrestle that pesky imposter voice into submission!


My Life’s not Funny

 Powerful & Real

The stories we live vs the stories we tell. This novel packs such a powerful punch. I lived and breathed each step with Amelia as she found her way through such difficult life challenges. It speaks of grief and fear and love and trust. Yet, it’s this young girl’s resilience that really shines through. She has the love and support of others, but she succeeds because of her own innate sense of what is right, and her own self-worth. A captivating read.

Murder on Morrison

Fantastic debut mystery novel with compelling characters

Murder on Morrison is the debut mystery novel by Liza Miles featuring the fascinating protagonist Rose McLaren. In her first puzzle, Rose is a few years into opening her muffin shop and getting her life in order after a few years serving a prison sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. When a dead body literally ends up at her doorstep, she starts to investigate with the help of some friends. Between getting mixed up with the police and some criminals from her former life, she uses her wits from both worlds to try to solve the mystery and some demons from her past.
This novel is a wild ride with twists and turns. What I liked best were the very well developed characters that were flawed, but likable. Their relationships were wholly believable and not forced. It’s a diverse group that are using their wits to help each other and solve the crime. Rose McLaren is probably one of the most well rounded and fleshed out characters I’ve seen written in a while. And while she bakes and sells muffins in her shop, this isn’t a cozy, comedic light hearted romp. It has realistic and darker themes from these complex characters. You’ll be drawn into the story. There were moments in the final third of the book that I let out an audible gasp at some of the action and twists that were taking place. I definitely am looking forward to reading what lies ahead for these characters in future books.
Highly recommended.

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Lesley Lodge

Lesley Lodge grew up in the New Forest, a place where ponies roam freely. Her love for the outdoors and horses in particular stems from there but she spent many years in London, Colchester and Sheffield, studying and working.

A first degree in English, two Master’s degrees and careers in journalism, economic research and housing policy equipped her with some useful research skills – skills which she used to the full in the long processes of writing first Lights! Camera! Gallop! The Story of the Horse in Film and now Wayland’s Revenge, a historical crime novel. Lesley’s protagonist in this novel is a blacksmith who seeks to avenge his wife’s brutal murder. Blacksmiths had a degree of independence at that time, being neither gentry nor peasant class and were regarded with some awe and superstition for their mastery of fire, molten iron and horses.

Wayland’s Revenge is set in seventeenth century England – a time of civil war and bitter divisions which chimes with today’s turbulence. Can revenge ever satisfy – and if so, at what price?

Lesley now lives on a smallholding bafflingly close to Luton, Bedfordshire.

Wayland’s Revenge is available in paperback, eBook and Audiobook.

Wayland’s Revenge – blurb

It’s 1647: a time of bitter civil wars in England. Wayland, the village blacksmith, returns from war to find his wife, Rebecca, murdered and his son traumatised and struck dumb. Wayland’s thirst for revenge is thwarted by the dearth of clues to her sadistic killer. Thwarted, that is, until he discovers instead the body of a young boy, cut with the same symbols Rebecca’s body was. Now the clues confuse with elements of witchcraft, religious hatred and the enmities of civil war. Wayland sets out on a perilous journey to find the killer, taking with him his son Jonathan and Alun, a canny baker. But just as they find their suspect, they are trapped in the brutal Siege of Colchester, facing ever more dangerous challenges. Wayland, Alun and Jonathan must draw on all their strengths, devise new strategies and make agonising decisions, if they are to stay alive and find the real killer before he strikes again.


Sonia Stanizzo

About me

Thank you Lizzie for having me on your blog. I’m a contemporary romance writer who loves dreaming up stories about couples and their road to finding love—most times bumpy, but always a lot of fun. I first starting writing in high school when I used to write pages and pages long letters to my best friend (back before phones and text messages existed.) Usually about boys and teenage drama happening in my life. Little did I know that love of writing letters would turn into a love of writing romance novels and I now have four books published and another two on the way.


He’s everything she’s turned her back on.

And she’s everything he didn’t know he wanted…

On a night she’d rather forget, aspiring makeup artist, Holly Ainsworth meets actor Ethan Doyle.

Holly wants to keep her distance from Ethan, but working on his movie set has thrown them together. She vows not to fall for his gorgeous looks and heated stares—it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

As hard as she fights, it’s not long until she can’t ignore the attraction when he’s near, and soon forgets the promises she’s made to herself.

The chemistry between them ignites but they realise their lives are heading in different directions. Ethan wants fame and fortune. Holly wants obscurity and simplicity.

Ethan and Holly are just another tragic love story… or are they?

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