The healing power of romance.

Hi everyone. How are you all? I hope 2022 has started off with some happiness.

There was an article in the media recently, about how forgettable romance books are and it hit a nerve with me. A few weeks before Christmas I was told I needed a biopsy and another procedure and I spent New Year’s Eve attending an anaesthetist appointment. I didn’t tell many people, as I didn’t want to worry them, or spoil their festivities. Isolating during such a busy time of year wasn’t much fun, but having these reads beside me helped my mental health.   I chose books by Heidi Swain, Katie Fforde and Mary Jayne Baker and all three caught my imagination, kept me turning page after page and eased a stressful situation.

I tried my best to enjoy every minute of the festive season, but worry simmered under the surface each day. I found it difficult to concentrate on writing my own romance novels, but turned to reading the books of other authors, to distract my mind with their beautiful stories and to give me moments of peace.  I even sat and read them as I was waiting to go into theatre, to help ease my nerves! These are books I will never forget. The NHS were absolutely incredible and I’m happy to say that my results are clear, which I’m very thankful for.

Romance novels make us happy and help us through hard times. The stories give us time to step away from worries and travel to places we’ve never been to before. They offer us comfort when we feel down and let us know we are not alone.  I have recently spoken to others who have also found solace from romance books before surgery. Any book of any genre, that brings enjoyment to our lives, is just as worthy as the next.

I’m very proud to have been writing romance books for about ten years now and the community of writers and readers I’ve met along the way, are something really special.  I write books to make people smile and if a story I’ve written, feels like a hug to the reader, then I’m happy. It doesn’t make the story or genre, any less important, if people enjoy it. Even if someone else doesn’t.

‘We can’t make everyone happy, we’re not pizza.’

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24 thoughts on “The healing power of romance.

  1. Oh, poor you. The waiting is always so hard and imagination steps in. So glad your results were clear. You are very brave not to talk about it – but sometimes, sharing eases the worry. Stay healthy and thank you so much for everything you do in the group. Happy writing! xx

    • Thanks Angela. I didn’t want to ruin anyones festivities. I’m glad you enjoy the book group and I’m thankful you are part of it! x

  2. Glad everything is okay, and sorry that you had to go through the worry in the first place. I think a well-written novel will be memorable, regardless of the genre. Romance is one of my favorite genres to read, and my favorite genre to write in. I remember many, many romantic scenes from novels. The tropes, the feelings, the humor, the meetcute, the road to HEA…And as much as I like pizza, I got to say, I prefer a good romance novel. 😉

    • Thanks Pinar. I agree about any genre we enjoy being memorable. I also think I might love romance books more than pizza. Lol!

  3. So pleased to hear that you are Ok after such a worrying time, Lizzie. And yes, I too have escaped into Romance in particularly distressing times. It all helps. But I also enjoy reading them at sunny times too, so they aren’t always associated with bad things.

    • I love romance reads all of the time! Lol. Any kind of book makes me smile, but these three really helped me through. x

  4. So glad to hear Lizzie. I’ve been through two breast cancer scares so know what it is like. Thankfully I am ok but there is that fear especially as I suffer from breast cysts. And yes a lot of comfort comes from books, and from our special community, always.

  5. Good news on your health scare. I never understand why so many people feel it necessary to put down a whole genre of writing simply because they don’t care to read it themselves.

    • Thanks Jan. I agree. You don’t need to love romance books to appreciate they make other readers happy. It’s the same with any genre. If people enjoy them and they hake them smile or ease worries, then that is fantastic.

  6. First of all, I’m so glad your results were clear, Lizzie. Please continue to take care of you. Second, I totally get that romance isn’t for everyone. Just like any other genre. But I completely agree with you. The romance genre has something magical about it. You get to escape and forget about the negativity the world offers. And in many cases, romance books are realistic and offer hope to the broken hearted. Thank you for sharing, Lizzie.

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