Monday Marketing.

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Happy 2019 everyone. Here are my marketing tips for today. This post is about setting new goals for yourself. Promotion and marketing can seem so daunting, but putting pressure on yourself to write and find new readers can cause extra stress, so these tips might prevent that from happening.

  1. Set yourself small and achievable goals to help make marketing seem less of an uphill struggle. Give yourself tasks like: Add 50 Twitter followers in a week. Build and promote your Facebook fanbase by getting 20 more likes in a week. Obviously scale this to how active your accounts already are. You might think adding 1,000 followers is achievable, so give yourself realistic targets.
  2. Set up tweets about your book/writing twice a day. Make them different and interesting.
  3. Submit your book to at least three blogs, magazines, review sites per week.

Challenging ourselves with small goals helps us to stay focussed and when we meet those targets, we feel good about it and want to try harder. If we have too many things to do on our lists, we can feel overwhelmed and then nothing gets done at all. Stick with what works and discard anything that doesn’t’t bring the results you are aiming for. Just add a different topic to the top of the list. Have a great week. From Lizzie.

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Also bought on Amazon.

Hi everyone. Today’s post is about also bought on Amazon. It is the section that offers similar products to people who have purchased something on Amazon. It is important because it works on Amazon’s algorithm and sends your book or product to customers who might also like to buy it, as they have purchased something similar before. For example, someone who has bought a romance book, might enjoy a romantic suspense novel. Someone who has bought a bikini, might also like suntan lotion.

The full article here explains that although selling to your friends and family first is wonderful, it also adds them to your products ‘fans’ and then your books/products would be sent out as an also bought. If you have other customers who buy your products first, then they will be the ones seen as ‘fans’ and they will be sent your new products as something they might also like. Friends and family buying your book first, may be detrimental to your future sales as the promotions would be sent to them, when it is likely they would know about them already.

Read the full article here. I posted this in my Facebook book group Lizzie’s Book Group a couple of weeks ago, so some of you may have read it there. Feel free to join the group if you aren’t there already.

Understanding also bought on Amazon, click here.

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Effective social media management.

Hello everyone! How are you all today? It’s Marketing and 3 Quick Tips Monday. This post is about ways to help manage your social media. Here are 3 great tools to help you improve work flow and stay on top of time management.

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ManageFlitter: ManageFlitter link, click here.

ManageFlitter is very easy to use. The free option works well, but it depends on your requirements. This platform helps you to work faster and has lots of great features.

You can sort your followers/following lists by criteria.

Find new people to follow.

Find out when your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately.

Unfollow people. Some people follow Twitter accounts to grow their numbers, then unfollow as soon as they get a follow back. ManageFlitter helps you unfollow them too.

You can manage multiple accounts easily here.

Track keywords.

SocialOomph: SocialOOmph link, click here.

SocialOomph is a great way to boost your productivity on social media as you can schedule posts, add photos, and access multiple accounts across Twitter, Facebook, blogs LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds and more for a basic fee. The free option is good, but the cheapest paid option works for me.

Updates are easy to schedule and it has features to save posts for use later, copy old posts, make posts run on a recurring timeline and more.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite link, click here.

About Hootsuite: This is a great platform for managing multiple accounts from a single dashboard. You can schedule your own posts to go out at certain times of the day or you can RT or auto schedule from your own social media streams or lists. The downside is that it can be a bit sluggish and I tend to use it as a back up. It’s easy to use, but I wish it worked faster. It has to update information regularly, so this slows it down. It can be very useful and has a free option, which is suitable for most small businesses and creatives.

You can use Hootsuite for real time analytics and it has a trend spotting feature, which can be helpful if you want to see what’s popular on Social media and follow trends.

What time saving platforms for social media do you use? 


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Monday Marketing #3QuickTips

Happy Monday everyone!

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My latest marketing tips are from an author marketing meeting I went to a few weeks ago. They are based around free giveaways. I have been looking in to ways to promote my new romance novel, which is out early next year and this seemed like great advice. Let me know what you think.

1.  If you are doing a free giveaway for your book, don’t give away your book! This sounds strange, but it does make sense. By doing a giveaway, you are trying to encourage readers to enjoy your work and buy your books. If you give the book away, you negate the possibility of the winners downloading/purchasing your work because they actually want to read it, not because they have been given it and might read it at a later date. A good way around this, would be to gift items related to your book genre and maybe a few chapters of your novel to tell them about the story. If they enjoy your style of writing, they might become a lifelong fan.

2.  If you are giving away your book, this can work best if it is part of a series. You gift the first book  in the series, then the reader may buy other books in the series if they love the characters and style.

3.  If you are running a giveaway, it can work to get together with other authors and make one huge giveaway. This way your promotion would be shouted out across the social media platforms of the combined authors and gain more exposure for your work.



Monday Marketing. #3QuickTips

This week I’m going to tell you about visibility and loading times for a WordPress website. Most of my Monday Marketing tips are ones I’ve discovered on my journey as an author, but I have been in the retail and wholesale business for over 20 years and studied design, marketing and advertising at college and university, so the #3QuickTips may be helpful to other businesses too.

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1.  Some wordpress themes contain code that slows them down. Some of the content you add can also slow the site down. By visiting a site called and typing in your site address, you will be shown a report on how well your site is loading for users.  Ideally you want an A or B rating.

2.  You will be shown Page speed, YSlow, Timeline and History tabs. Click on these to be shown elements of your site and how they preform. Here you can check if the theme of your site is slowing it down. If the theme is causing problems, then you might want to think about changing the theme.

3. Creating fresh content for your blog or website is a great way to make it load quicker. If text is copied from the internet, it can have hidden links and code inside from the originator which shows search engines that it’s not new and should be ignored.