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Happy 2019 everyone. Here are my marketing tips for today. This post is about setting new goals for yourself. Promotion and marketing can seem so daunting, but putting pressure on yourself to write and find new readers can cause extra stress, so these tips might prevent that from happening.

  1. Set yourself small and achievable goals to help make marketing seem less of an uphill struggle. Give yourself tasks like: Add 50 Twitter followers in a week. Build and promote your Facebook fanbase by getting 20 more likes in a week. Obviously scale this to how active your accounts already are. You might think adding 1,000 followers is achievable, so give yourself realistic targets.
  2. Set up tweets about your book/writing twice a day. Make them different and interesting.
  3. Submit your book to at least three blogs, magazines, review sites per week.

Challenging ourselves with small goals helps us to stay focussed and when we meet those targets, we feel good about it and want to try harder. If we have too many things to do on our lists, we can feel overwhelmed and then nothing gets done at all. Stick with what works and discard anything that doesn’t’t bring the results you are aiming for. Just add a different topic to the top of the list. Have a great week. From Lizzie.

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9 thoughts on “Monday Marketing.

  1. Number 2 and 3 are fantastic tips, I sure need to incorporate those. The first one, about followers as a goal, is hard for me to do. Primarily because I don’t know what generates followers. I got 500 new followers one week just by sharing a few posts about an upcoming event. I paid for advertising (very small amount) and got no new followers. It seems very hit and miss and I don’t like making an arbitrary goal. However, I could be missing a lot in how to get followers/page likes.

    • 500 followers in one week is fabulous! For me social media is about being social. People tend to follow pages that are active and that interest them. It’s also a good idea to follow a few people each day or week that you think might be interested in your timeline. They might not have seen your work, but will usually check your page to see what you are about before following back.

  2. Good ideas for a subject that does stress me. Never thought of submitting for reviews like that. Happy New Year!

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