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I am always eager to learn new ways to market my work and enjoy the process of finding out something new. This week I was watching some webinars and reading articles about increasing book sales and they mentioned adding a clickable picture on the first and last pages of your book with a link to your website, blog or author page, where readers can opt to join a mailing list. This means readers can find out what you are working on now, if you have any special offers to promote and can be kept up to date on current releases of your work. These are people who have already read your work and therefore, they might enjoy further novels.

The clickable link could say something like: Click here to receive our latest newsletter.

Then they suggested offering a free gift for any sign up to your newsletter, for example: some free chapters, an in depth character description from the book they have just enjoyed, or a bookmark with your book cover on it.

I know some people don’t like newsletters and I have not tried writing one myself yet, but I am intrigued to find out if readers do enjoy posts about how authors are getting on with their writing and discovering a more in depth view of some aspects of a book character’s personality.

Apparently having a thousand subscribers to your newsletter means its well received but readers don’t like to feel like they are having lots of marketing material thrown at them. The newsletter must offer them something interesting about your work and not try the hard sell. I found this great article via The Fast Company, which gives some great tips. (Click this link for article).

Hubspot has a free resource where you can find tips on creating a great newsletter too. (Click this link for article).

I think the key is to keep it simple, create something that people look forward to and are inspired to read. If only it were that easy, but it sounds like a plan!

Here is an example of how a clickable link could look, although it’s not live, as I don’t have a newsletter yet. I’m working on it!   :0

Lizzie Chantree newsletter sign up

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