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Hello everyone. I’m thrilled to announce the winners of my book launch giveaway prizes! They have won some fantastic gifts before Christmas.  All of the winners have been notified and are listed on my competition page of this website.

I’m going to try and get back into my Monday marketing posts in the hope that they help authors with marketing, widening their readership and author branding. I try and do this as much as I can, but have to fit it in between home life and my own writing, so I hope these quick tips will be useful! I will mix it up from ideas I’ve posted in my author and reader group on Facebook, Lizzie’s Book Group and some other tips from my networking book.

Today’s post is about labelling images. 

Photos and files! Label your photos and documents correctly.

When anyone (newspapers, magazines, bloggers, other authors, anyone!) requests a photo from you, it will probably be saved to a file. That file will no doubt be full of other photos, even if they are in separate files. It is very confusing to have to look up author photos with names like: IMG10002534 or book photo, or paperback cover, or book image etc, amongst hundreds of other photos named the same.
Use your name, at the start of a photo name. e.g.
Lizzie Chantree (book name) paperback cover.
Lizzie Chantree social media links.
Lizzie Chantree author photo.
Lizzie Chantree multiple book covers.
This makes it very easy for anyone to search for your name and find the photos. The media and book bloggers are very busy people. This saves time and will help them remember you. It will also make your photos stand out amongst the rest of the files that are jumbled together.
Also: This makes the photos very individual. Google bots crawl sites to dump duplicates. If they see one thousand images called Book cover, IMG 1000236478 etc, they think they are all the same. Individually naming your photos makes them stand out as original and the page is bumped up the rankings.



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